Paris in Bloom: Where to See Early Spring Flowers

Paris in Bloom Where to See Early Spring Flowers

Watching Paris in bloom is something that every Francophile should experience at least once. Luckily, you can usually find the city blooming from mid-February to early-May. The early spring flowers are especially exciting and welcome after the gray winter months. Here you’ll find some of the best places to take in the magnolias and other early spring flowers in Paris!

If you’re planning on being in Paris from mid-February through early April (before the Cherry Blossoms normally bloom), be sure to check out the following places to see Paris with a pop of color:


Year after year, Palais-Royal is one of the first places in mid to late February where the magnolias bloom in Paris. The setting at Palais-Royal is stunning year-round, but especially when the trees in the center are dressed in a shade of pink. As a bonus, the magnolia blooms are always accompanied by yellow daffodils for a fun contrast.

Palais-Royal Magnolias
Magnolias at the Palais Royal in Paris
Early Spring Flowers in Paris at the Palais Royal
Full mid-March blooms at the Palais Royal

The colors really peak in mid-March when the tulips arrive. Head to Café Kitsuné for a coffee to-go and sit on one of the numerous benches or green chairs scattered throughout the garden and enjoy!

Jardin des Tuileries

In late-February you’ll find the Jardin des Tuileries dotted with pink magnolia trees in bloom. Not only is it a photographer’s paradise with the Louvre and buildings along the Rue de Rivoli in the background, but it’s also just a wonderful place to sit and relax.

Early Spring Flowers in Paris at Jardin des Tuileries
Green Chairs with Magnolia Blooms at the Tuileries
Green Trees and Magnolias in Paris
Love Green Chair at the Tuileries

Because the Jardin des Tuileries is so big it never really feels too crowded (unless you’re by the central fountain). Grab a green chair and a friend or book and enjoy.

Square Boucicaut

I saw my very first early spring flowers in Paris this year on February 12th in Square Boucicaut, just across from Le Bon Marché. There are plenty of benches inside the small park, so I love picking up a sandwich or salad and eating surrounded by trees and plants.

Earliest Spring Flowers in Paris at Square Boucicaut
Snow covering the flowers at Square Boucicaut

In 2018 I even saw these pink blooms covered in a layer of snow in mid-March!

Champ de Mars

Around mid-March you’ll find the pink blooms at the Champ de Mars, which means you can take in the flowers with a side of Eiffel Tower! While these flowering trees are a little less full and vibrant than the Cherry Blossoms in April they’re still beautiful.

Eiffel Tower and Early Spring Blooms in Paris at Champ de Mars

There are several spots just at the base of the Eiffel Tower where you can take photos with the pink flowers in the background. For a different perspective you can also go a little further back. No matter where you are, it’s a great place to enjoy the scenery.

Planning an early spring trip to Paris? I’d love to help you with creating the perfect bespoke itinerary.


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