Five Friday Finds from France: February 28th

Five Friday Finds From France Le Bonaparte

This week’s Five Friday Finds from France feature Paris sunsets that remind me of Texas sunsets, bien sûr food-related tips, the great French Sunday lunch tradition, and Prescription, another cozy Paris cocktail bar.

Although it’s the last Five Friday Finds for the month, it’s not the last day in February since it’s a leap year. Leap year in French is l’année bissextile. My first thoughts – two sixes? Doesn’t make sense because leap year is every four years. Here’s an article that explains it, with some bonus French vocabulary for those interested.

Beautiful Winter Sunsets in Paris

Five Friday Finds from France Sunset at Pont des Arts

In the past week I’ve seen three gorgeous sunsets in Paris. Maybe it’s the crazy weather (alternating between rain and sun for what feels like forever), maybe it’s normal, but either way I can’t complain. The first sunset definitely wins the top prize, but the others were equally as stunning in their own rights. Someone commented on Instagram, “Heaven must be like this.” I couldn’t agree more and have my fingers crossed that this trend continues!

Sunset from Rue de Verneuil

French Sunday Lunch – ‘Déjeuner du Dimanche’

I love the French tradition of a big Sunday lunch at home. I’ve been lucky enough to experience lunches with different people over the years and I have to say I think they just keep getting more and more fun. If you’re invited to a ‘déjeuner du dimanche,’ don’t expect it to be a short event. Block the entire afternoon and possibly the evening.

We went to a big French Sunday lunch last weekend. It was filled with family, friends, food, wine, laughter, and dancing. Sunday dinners are my favorite tradition at home with my family, so I love having the French Sunday lunch as a substitute. I’ve realized French people definitely couldn’t do Sunday dinners because they would finish around Monday breakfast!

Prescription Cocktail Club

On National Margarita Day I decided to test the drink at Prescription Cocktail Club. The margarita was great with a perfectly salted rim. If you haven’t been to Prescription Cocktail Club, put it on your Paris list.

Five Friday Finds from France - Margarita at Prescription Cocktail Club on the Left Bank

Brick walls, soft lighting, lamps in the shape of bowler hats, and a library all add to the charm of this Left Bank spot. The music is a mix of new and old (think Hotline Bling meets French jazz), the bartenders are friendly, and most importantly make great drinks.

The Best Trick for Making Bone Broth

I felt under the weather early this week and was craving chicken bone broth. I’ve been known to go to great lengths to make the best, collagen rich bone broth. AKA one time I boiled and peeled chicken feet because they supposedly contain the most collagen.

The best bone broth ever - trust me!

Now that I’m older and wiser, I learned that chicken feet aren’t the end all be all for great bone broth. The best trick for making bone broth is just to use at least two chickens. You can keep bones in the freezer until you have enough for a batch. I went to Marché Raspail on Tuesday for my chicken and veggies and 24 hours later I had my bone broth. The goal is a Jell-o consistency after you refrigerate the broth.

Now I’m feeling back to 100% and my skin is thanking me for the extra collagen. And I didn’t even have to peel chicken feet – the greatest Friday Find ever!

Where To Get an Early Takeaway Dinner in Paris

Togo Dinner in Paris

When I lived in Dallas, an early dinner to go was my jam. I picked up food at 5:30 or 6 PM and brought it home, happy as a clam to eat by 6:30 PM and honestly sometimes earlier. Both dinner that early and to go food from a regular restaurant (not a ‘traiteur’ where everything is takeaway) are no-gos in Paris.

Five Friday Finds from France - Jixiao's Buns does togo orders

As luck would have it, I discovered that one of my favorite Chinese restaurants opens for dinner at 6 PM and does to go orders. Jixiao’s Buns saved the day and will likely become a go-to spot for an early dinner in Paris.

For those who follow along with Five Friday Finds from France, I learned that WWII Veteran Dr. Stephen Weiss passed away last week. I’m so fortunate for the opportunity to meet this hero and thank him for his service on his poetic final trip to France. You can read his obituary here and see my photos from his final trip to France on Facebook here and here.

WWII Veteran Dr. Stephen Weiss in Paris on his final trip to France

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