French Courses in Paris at Lutece Langue + Giveaway

One of the best things I did after moving to Paris was enroll in French courses at Lutece Langue. I had such a great experience at the school – not only did my French improve greatly, but I also made some great friends. I’m thrilled to be partnering with Lutece Langue for a giveaway so that more people can discover this wonderful school and their methods of teaching French.

French Language School in Paris

When I first moved to Paris my French was…not great. I wanted to have a good foundation, so I decided to enroll in a language school.

I’d taken several courses at Alliance Française in Paris, but they exactly weren’t what I was looking for. The groups were larger and the courses were more focused on grammar exercises. Speaking, especially in front of a larger group, was always intimidating for me. Ultimately I didn’t get as much out of the experience as I would’ve liked.

French Courses in Paris at Lutece Langue

After looking at several different options I decided on Lutece Langue. I enrolled in the Intensive 15 hour per week course and chose the morning session. Classes were from 9 AM until 12:15 PM with a 15 minute break – perfect for a mid-morning coffee.

Each group is between two and seven students and there’s a major focus on oral production and communication. Because of the small group size, I never felt intimidated or embarrassed when I made mistakes. I quickly became more confident speaking, even if it wasn’t perfect.

The teachers at Lutece Langue are fantastic. Because I took six months of courses I had a chance to experience them all along with their various specialties. Again, this is where the small group size was a huge advantage because each student gets plenty of individual attention and help.

It was always easy to coordinate my work and travel schedule with Lutece Langue. If I needed to miss a session I simply let them know in advance and made up the session by taking afternoon thematic workshops. I also had the option to pause for the week when I was traveling and rejoined my group whenever I got back.

Why I Love Lutece Langue

There’s a lot that I love about Lutece Langue, but especially the sense of community. I made wonderful friends from all over the world and I’m lucky that several still live in Paris.

Ages of students range from 20 to 60 plus, and it was always fascinating to hear everyone’s story. Many, like me, had recently moved to Paris. Others had been coming to Paris year after year and always enrolled in French courses at Lutece Langue as a part of their stay.

I would recommend taking French courses at Lutece Langue to anyone staying in Paris for an extended time, especially if you’re by yourself. It’s a great way to have a set routine, meet people, and improve your French. And the location is pretty fabulous – it’s just off Boulevard Saint-Germain on the charming Rue Las Cases in the 7th arrondissement.

Giveaway with Lutece Langue

I had such a wonderful experience at Lutece Langue and I’m so excited to be working with them on a giveaway! Three winners will have the opportunity to participate in a 1.5 hour online conversation workshop.

To Enter:

  • Follow @lutece.langue and @pariswithlanden on Instagram.
  • Leave a comment on this post and tag a fellow Francophone or Francophile. Each comment counts as an entry and you can enter as many times as you’d like.
  • Share this post to stories for an additional 10 entries

The winners will be announced and contacted on Monday, April 19th. Entries are open worldwide, but participants must have a level A2 in French, which can be tested online with Lutece Langue.

I think this will be a fabulous way to experience Lutece Langue and hope that it will inspire you to enroll in French courses with them in Paris!


  1. I think that it is a great idea to take a language course if you visit Paris for an extended stay. I wonder are to start at Lutece Langue must you always have an A2 level to begin classes with them or is this just for their giveaway?

    1. It’s such a wonderful school, I think you would love it! You can take courses at Lutece Langue as a complete beginner or with a level A1 as well (that’s where I started). The conversation workshops are mixed levels of students so they just set the A2 minimum for those so you can get the most out of them!

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