Five Friday Finds from France: October 8th

le saint germain in five friday finds from france featuring ritz paris x frame collaboration, marin montagut's new timeless paris book and more

Ever since la rentrée in September the pace of everything has seemed to pick up to full, pre-pandemic speed…plus some. It’s been so exciting and so much fun, but I’m ready for a tiny slow down! This week’s Five Friday Finds from France features Marin Montagut’s new Timeless Paris book, an adorable set of Paris plates, a Ritz Paris x Frame apparel and accessories collaboration and more.

Marin Montagut’s Timeless Paris Book

marin montagut timeless paris book

For those yearning for the “old Paris,” Marin Montagut’s new Timeless Paris book will be a must-have reference. The beautiful book is also a guide and will take you to 20 of Montagut’s favorite studios and shops where you’ll find fabulous, unique objects – oftentimes handcrafted. These shops and their stories could inspire a trip to Paris just to visit them all! Contact me here to get started on a customized Paris itinerary.

Diptyque Paris Plates

diptyque paris plate and candle holder

I went into the Diptyque boutique for the Paris candle, and had to do everything in my power not to leave without a set of Paris plates. They’re pretty perfect – the black and white is beautiful for everyday use (and dishwasher and microwave safe), and the design isn’t too “in your face” Paris. The plate is shown with with Paris Candle Holder. While the plates are currently unavailable in the US, you can visit the international store and ship worldwide!

Ritz Paris x Frame

ritz paris x frame collaboration

If you’ve ever wanted to bring a bit of the legendary Ritz Paris home with you, now is your chance. The Ritz Paris x Frame collaboration has a little bit of everything including blankets, water bottles, hats and varsity jackets. My favorites are the sweaters!

A Mon Square Revisit

mon square paris restaurant

I had lunch with a friend at Mon Square this week and am happy to report it’s just as adorable and delicious as ever. The pumpkin and chestnut soup was to die for and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. I love all of the different seating nooks and areas and was happy to sit in the elevated room for the first time. We also noticed a little “secret” room hidden behind a sliding wall called the Kiss Room – the perfect place for a private event!

The Return of Advent Calendars

diptyque advent calendar 2021

It seems early, and it is, but Advent Calendars are starting to appear. If you’re anything like me, you don’t normally think about them until December 1st when it’s time to start opening them. This is a good time to buy them so that you’re ready to go on the first! I have a list of French Advent Calendars that are available online from last year and am constantly updating it with new releases! Surprise surprise, I have my eyes on the Diptyque Advent Calendar again. It releases for pre-order today and always sells out, so if you’re interested now is the time to buy!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Five Friday Finds from France. I’ll be back tomorrow with Weekend Links!

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