Five Friday Finds from France: May 8th

May 8th Five Friday Finds from France Pointe du Roc Granville

It’s official, May 8th is going to be the last Five Friday Finds from France from full confinement in Normandy. We’re heading back to Paris for the first phase of déconfinement that begins May 11th. I’m excited to get back but it’ll be bittersweet – I really love it here. We have a long weekend to enjoy thanks to VE Day in France, which marks the end of World War II in Europe.

8 Mai 1945: VE Day in France

May is filled with holidays in France, but a very important one is celebrated today, the 75th Anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe. One of my most special memories from this year was meeting 94-year-old American World War II veteran Dr. Stephen Weiss in Paris. He passed away just a few weeks after his final trip to France. For photos of Dr. Weiss’ arrival in Paris click here, and for photos from the Ravivage de la Flamme Ceremony at the Arc de Triomphe click here.

I’m starting to learn more about what happened in this area of Normandy during World War II. Five minutes from us in Jullouville is Christian Dior’s family’s former hunting lodge, which became Eisenhower’s headquarters from August to September 1944.

VE Day in France Eisenhower's Headquarters in Jullouville

Also, in Granville you can visit the Pointe du Roc where the Germans built fortifications and a gun battery. You can read about the Granville Raid which took place in March 1945 here.

German fortifications at Pointe du Roc in Granville in honor of VE Day in France
German fortifications at Pointe du Roc in Granville
German fortifications at Pointe du Roc in Granville for VE Day in France

My First Peonies of 2020

Peonies are hands down my favorite flowers. From late April to June I’m never without them. I saw peonies at the store last week for 5€ a stem…which is more than I’ve ever paid in Paris (besides one time when I went to a florist just off Avenue Montaigne…10/10 would not recommend shopping for flowers anywhere near Avenue Montaigne).

Coral peonies
May 8th Five Friday Finds from France white peonies

Luckily, we went to a smaller store this week and they had bouquets of three peonies for 5.90€. I bought a coral bouquet and a white bouquet and arranged them in a bright pitcher. It’s been so fun watching them open up and they smell so good – especially the white ones. One of the first things I want to do when we’re back in Paris is find some peonies for my apartment. I hope my favorite flower man on Rue du Bac will be open!

Blue Lobster from Les Îles Chausey

For our Cinco de Mayo celebration I made one of my favorite foods in the entire world – the Sip Sip Lobster Quesadilla. Romain said he was glad his grandmother was back in Paris, because she would be crying if she knew I was putting lobster in a quesadilla. I told him to hold his comments until he tried it.

After trying it, he said he’ll never be able to eat a regular quesadilla again.

Blue lobster from Les Îles Chausey
Blue lobster tail from Les Îles Chausey in Normandy

We used blue lobster from Les Îles Chausey, a group of islands just off the coast of Granville. This lobster is known as being the best in Normandy and I must say I agree, it’s excellent. The blues on the shells are gorgeous too.

Rose Coffee Capsules

I’m the ultimate consumer. I love shopping. During the confinement, I’ve found lots of great things at Leclerc, including clothes, Birkenstock shoes, and rose coffee capsules.

Rose espresso capsules with peonies and an antique espresso cup

I’m especially a sucker for anything rose flavored or scented and coffee is no exception. When I saw these L’Or Rose Espresso capsules I had to try them. While I’m not saying I can exactly taste the rose, I’m also not saying that I can’t.

(Also sorry for the very corny picture…I had my coffee outside and brought the peonies outside to get a little natural light. I just went with it).

The Super Flower Moon from Normandy

We have a little bit of an owl problem here. Specifically, we have an owl that likes to sit in a tree right next to the house. I have to remind it every so often (multiple times a night) with a flashlight to find another tree to sit in.

Super Flower Full Moon 2020

Last night I opened the curtains and the whole garden was illuminated with light from the Super Flower Moon, the last super moon of 2020. It was a combination of spooky and awesome. I snapped a photo to send to my mom – it isn’t edited at all.

I hope you enjoyed the May 8th Five Friday Finds from France. Bon weekend à tous!

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