Five Friday Finds from France: May 15th

Paris Five Friday Finds from France Rue du Bac Door

I’m so happy to be back and to be able to share Paris again. At the same time, I know it’s difficult period for so many who want to be here as well but can’t. This week’s Five Friday Finds from France has a Paris focus with ways that you can bring Paris and France into your home. Whether you’re repurposing a French mustard jar into glassware, taking a virtual tour of a château in France, discovering Marin Montagut, or simply enjoying vintage photos of Paris, I hope this week’s Five Friday Finds from France makes you happy.

French Mustard Jars as Glassware

I posted an Instagram story this week in honor of World Cocktail Day (apparently the definition of a cocktail was first published on May 13th 1806) with a margarita in a glass mustard jar. Afterwards I received a lot of questions about the glass, and yes it is a real mustard jar.

French mustard jars as glassware

I think a lot of French people repurpose mustard jars as glasses. Honestly I don’t see why you wouldn’t, especially at a country house or to have somewhere just in case. They’re pretty and if they accidentally break, who cares? The only French mustard jar that you could turn into a glass that I could find available in the US is this Amora mustard, but don’t pay $14 for mustard. Instead, next time you’re in France, pick up some jars for under 2€ and bring them home.

A Modified Café Varenne

Perhaps one of the strangest things about being in Paris right now is not being able to pop into a café. Luckily, Café Varenne is open for takeaway from 8 AM until 4 PM every day except Sunday.

Café To-go at Café Varenne Paris Five Friday Finds from France

The way they have it set up makes you feel like you’re almost really inside a café. Every time I’ve gone (every day since I’ve been back) all of their to-go tables have been filled with people there pour prendre un café. I think everyone is looking for little bits of normal life right now and Café Varenne is providing just that.

The Best Virtual Tours of France

If you’re a Francophile and interested in the French language you must check out France-Amérique, a bilingual magazine filled with the best of French culture. This week they shared their list of The Best Virtual Tours for Cooped-Up Francophiles, which includes the pictured Château de Chambord.

Chateau de Chambord France Virtual Tour

This week they also shared a virtual tour of the Villandry Château and Gardens given by the owner Henri Carvallo. This tour is only in French, making it the perfect opportunity to brush up on your skills!

Everything Marin Montagut

My friend Amy first introduced me to Marin Montagut’s Instagram and I immediately became obsessed. Marin and I both spent the confinement in Normandy (and made Mexican food), and Saint-Germain-des-Prés is near and dear to both of our hearts.

Marin Montagut Rue de Seine Glassware
Marin Montagut Saint-Germain-des-Prés pillow
Marin Montagut Secret Book Box

To be clear, I want everything Marin Montagut makes. Absolutely everything. Amy has the Saint-Germain-des-Prés pillow. His hand-painted glasses are all to die for. I think I would buy two of the silk Tuileries scarves – one to wear and one to frame. And everyone needs a secret book box.

Check out his online boutique here. You can also shop his items at Le Bon Marché or his Paris boutique opening soon.

29 Special Vintage Paris Photos

Vintage Getty Images photo of Paris

I’ll end this week’s mostly Paris Five Friday Finds from France with a link to 29 Vintage Photos of Paris. It’s hard to pick a favorite image because they all give me that warm and fuzzy feeling. The photos represent the Paris that so many of us know and love and dream about, and the Paris that will be hopefully be back in full-swing very shortly.

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