Five Friday Finds from France: March 6th

Five Friday Finds from France March 6th Quai Voltaire

By now I’m sure it’s apparent that Five Friday Finds from France always includes at least something that’s food-related. This week it’s more chocolate on the Left Bank, a simple French cookbook, and New York Pizza. There are people who eat to live and people who live to eat – you can imagine where I fall. Also included is one of the prettiest panoramic hotel room view of Paris I’ve ever seen.

I haven’t been out and about as much as I would’ve liked this week, which has to do with the weather and not coronavirus (there’s a note about coronavirus in Paris at the end of this post). The rain is supposed to stop this afternoon through Sunday. I’m hoping to take a long walk at some point this weekend to catch some more of the pretty spring flowers!

A Pretty Panoramic Paris View

It’s no secret that I think Paris rooftops are endlessly fascinating. This week I toured the Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal and was blown away by the views. Many of the rooms have balconies which I think is everyone’s dream for a place to stay (or live) in Paris.

Best Paris panoramic view
Pretty Paris Panoramic View

The Panoramic Suite is really next-level. Not only are there windows throughout the suite (even the bathtub has a view), but it also has the most incredible terrasse. From the terrasse you can see the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Palais-Royal, Palais Garnier, Sacre-Cœur, and of course plenty of Parisian rooftops. I’ll be dreaming about this panoramic Paris view for a while!

Two Quaint Saint-Germain-des-Prés Cafés

Living in France has changed me in many ways, starting with my coffee consumption. When I lived in Dallas I never, and I truly mean never, drank coffee. Now I absolutely refuse to start my day without it and I also require a post-lunch espresso.

Five Friday Finds from France Le Balto Saint-Germain Paris

On the weekends I like my café “au bar,” so I popped into Le Balto on Saturday afternoon. I’ve walked by many times but for whatever reason never stopped. It was a very good discovery – typical Parisian charm, friendly people, and from what I saw great food. I’ll definitely be back.

Au Sauvignon Paris Five Friday Finds From France

Similarly, I had a very nice morning at Au Sauvignon. The last time I went was in July with my parents. Here’s the situation: we were all jet-lagged and Paris was boiling. The experience left a bitter taste in my mouth, which had absolutely nothing to do with Au Sauvignon. The decor is bright and quirky with hints of red and the illustrations and photos on the wall just make it feel happy. They also have great tartines made with Poilâne bread (which is just around the corner) for lunch.

A New To Me French Cookbook

Simple French Food Cookbook

I’m constantly trying to improve and expand on my French cooking abilities, so I was glad to discover a new French cookbook this week. My dad sent me an article from the Dallas Morning News about the appropriately titled Simple French Food cookbook. I like the focus on doing simple things with fresh, local ingredients. I’ve ordered the cookbook and can’t wait to start cooking!

Left Bank Chocolate

I’ve been having a chocolate moment lately and I’m going to blame the weather. The Left Bank has the best chocolate, and I’m making my way through the shops slowly.

Debauve & Gallais Left Bank Chocolate

I always want one of everything at Debauve & Gallais, the official chocolatier of French Kings. This visit, I tried the Champignons. They resemble mushrooms only in shape and not at all in taste. Try them.

Thierry Marx Brioche Tigrée Left Bank Chocolate

Next, I was onto the Brioche Tigrée at Thierry Marx Bakery, which I enjoyed by the fire. It’s big enough for two people, but I wouldn’t judge anyone for not sharing. It’s more solid than a croissant but still has the layers and flakiness with a chocolate praline center. I cut it down the middle and saved the best bites for last…AKA the chocolate praline center. Highly recommend.

We’ll see what kind of chocolate I get into on the Left Bank this weekend.

New York Style Pizza in Paris

Apparently my homesickness has been manifesting in forms of food recently, because I’ve been on a mission to find “American” pizza. I’m not ashamed to admit that I like Domino’s (judge away)…but it’s not very good in France.

Nick's Pizza Five Friday Finds from France

Nick’s Pizza is really the closest I’ve found to that good, greasy pizza that I miss from home. Pizza is served by the slice and there’s a menu that includes garlic knots and a drink. Next time I’ll probably skip the garlic knots, but the pizza really hit the spot.

A Note on Coronavirus in Paris

As a bonus to Five Friday Finds from France, here’s how I’m finding coronavirus in Paris. I want to be careful about what I say because the situation is rapidly evolving, however, I’ve found that life is pretty normal. I’ve noticed cafés and restaurants stepping up their soap game in the restrooms and few people wearing masks, but other than that I haven’t seen any real changes.

Some people are saying the streets are empty – I don’t agree. Grocery stores have plenty of food – the only shortage I’ve seen is tortillas at Carrefour which is obviously unrelated. I’m avoiding the Métro, but I have taken the bus. We’ll see what happens in the coming days, weeks, and maybe months, but for now I’m just washing my hands a lot and trying to stop touching my face.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Five Friday Finds from France! This post includes an affiliate link. I make a small commission from items purchased through my links. Merci!

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