Five Friday Finds from France: July 9th

hydrangeas in neuilly. five friday finds from france feauring tomatoes at marché des sablons in neuilly.

I think having something to look forward to always makes time go by faster, and I’ve been looking forward to this week for quite some time. I finally get my second vaccine this weekend and my world will really begin to reopen. This week’s Five Friday Finds from France features the Samaritaine: Paris Pont-Neuf book, where to find excellent tomatoes at the Marché des Sablons in Neuilly, an exciting update from my favorite florist in Paris and more.

Samaritaine: Paris Pont-Neuf Book

Samaritaine: Paris Pont-Neuf Book assouline

I haven’t been to Samaritaine since the reopening yet because every time I’ve tried to go there’s (understandably) been a queue to get in. After reading a little bit more about the history, visiting has shot to the top of my list. Assouline just released Samaritaine: Paris Pont-Neuf book in a fun ABC format to share Samaritaine’s story through photographs, quotes, anecdotes and more all leading to its revival today.

Samaritaine: Paris Pont-Neuf Book bouquinistes

The story of Samaritaine is a grand love story: the love of family, the love of commerce, the love of art, the love for others. Samaritaine is a name that conjures dreams, and, for many Parisians, brings back a flood of memories, such as climbing the grand staircase with one’s grandmother, or just gazing awestruck at the sight of its majestic building in the heart of Paris.

Cinema Paradiso at Musée du Louvre

cinema paradiso at musée du louvre

If you read my Weekend Links series you may have seen a few articles about Cinema Paradiso at the Louvre. The outdoor film festival took place from July 1-4 in the Cour Carrée. A mix of classic films and previews from Netflix and Prime Video were shown on a giant 24-meter screen. There was also pre-film music entertainment. I unfortunately didn’t get tickets before it sold out this year. Hopefully it’ll be back again next summer – definitely something to watch for if you’re planning a visit to Paris in the summer!

Grandma Mary’s Potato Salad

grandma mary's potato salad

No Fourth of July would be complete without potato salad, and my grandmother Mary’s recipe is the best. The recipe isn’t very precise, which just means you have to taste and adjust as you go. After lots of requests on Instagram, I attempted to share a version of her recipe. I had fun going to Marché Raspail and picking up all of the ingredients that I could find. I made my own mayonnaise and sweet pickle relish. As always, the potato salad turned out great. I loved having plenty of leftovers as well!

Star Espace Tomatoes at Marché des Sablons

star espace tomatoes at marché des sablons

Tomato season is upon us. While I’m waiting for my own window ledge tomatoes to mature, the next best thing is the tomatoes from Star Espace at Marché des Sablons. Jean-Luc Pottier is a seventh generation producteur and decided as a child to focus exclusively on tomatoes. At the stand you’ll find different varieties of tomatoes, herbs, and lettuces. All of the products are grown without any treatments at all – no fertilizers and no chemicals. Once you try these tomatoes you won’t want to buy them anywhere else!

News from the Weekend Flower Man on Rue du Bac

weekend flower man rue du bac

I almost exclusively buy flowers in Paris from the “Weekend Flower Man” on Rue du Bac. On Sunday he had some great news to share – he’s going to be opening a boutique just around the corner on Rue de Grenelle in August. I’m so thrilled that he’ll have a permanent space. I’m also thrilled for myself – now I can buy flowers every day! I’ll update with details as I have them.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Five Friday Finds from France. I’ll be back tomorrow with Weekend Links!

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