Five Friday Finds from France: January 22nd

morning light at the musée du louvre featuring: where to find good coffee at mcdonald's france, live music on sunday in paris and a paris-themed reusable tote baag

This week has been an exciting one – there’s definitely a feeling of optimism in the air that’s been missing for quite some time. Although certainly not earth-shattering, this week’s Five Friday Finds from France does have a few recommendations you might want to note for a future trip to France. Included are where to find Paris-themed reusable tote bags, how to find good coffee at McDonald’s in France, live music on a Sunday in Paris and more.

Galeries Lafayette Gourmet Salt

galeries lafayette gourmet salt

We ducked in Galeries Lafayette Gourmet last Saturday to take a break from the snow but ended up making a very important discovery. If you’re not familiar with Galeries Lafayette Gourmet it’s another great Paris destination for foodies. The lower floor is a gorgeous market and ground floor is filled with outposts of some of the best food brands in the world.

Included is La Route des Indes which has every spice you could ever need. They also have a selection of all sorts of different slats – like lemon and dill, lavender, and raspberry pepper to name a few. My mind immediately went to my margarita rims – the possibilities are endless! Salts are sold in several different sizes and you can put together an assortment for a fun gift.

Paris-Themed Reusable Tote Bag at Monoprix

paris-themed reusable tote monoprix

I’m so happy with the tote I got at Monoprix this week that I have to share. I was drawn to the sweet Paris-themed print but have really fallen in love with how practical it is. When folded up it’s the same size and weight as a pair of socks yet it holds so much. I highly recommend getting one – it’s perfect to use throughout a trip to France and would be great to inevitably load up with souvenirs for the flight home!

Tartiflette: French Comfort Food

tartiflette french comfort food

Romain has been talking about Tartiflette for quite some time so I was thrilled to finally try it on Saturday. The main ingredients are reblochon cheese, bacon, potatoes, cream and onion so it might just be the ultimate French comfort food. For a chilly winter night it’s the perfect dish to warm up with! Romain’s version is a little different (a lot cheesier 😬), but I always trust David Lebovitz’s recipes if you want to give Tartiflette a try!

How to Find Good Coffee at McDonald’s in France

where to find good coffee at mcdonald's france

McDonald’s definitely isn’t my go-to coffee spot in France (or anywhere), but last week I was in a pinch and it was all I could find. Spoiler alert: the coffee was horrible. And then someone gave me a tip – if you want decent coffee at a McDonald’s in France it needs to be at a location with a McCafé – not just a regular McDonald’s. The more you know!

Sunday in Paris

I love Sunday in Paris – it’s forever been one of my favorite days because it’s so quiet. While I usually focus on my Sunday morning in Paris, Sunday afternoon is just as good. If you’re looking for live music on a Sunday (or a Saturday) in Paris head to a bridge. Pont des Arts and Pont Saint-Louis are usually good bets, but chances are if you keep walking you’ll find music.

Want to potentially catch the music live? Be sure to sign up for Claudine Hemingway and Krystal Kenney’s live walk through Île Saint-Louis this Sunday.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Five Friday Finds from France. I’ll be back tomorrow with Weekend Links!

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