Confinement Week Seven in Normandy

Week Seven of Confinement in Normandy Carolles Beach

Week seven of confinement in Normandy was the week where it was supposed to rain all week. And while it did rain every day, it didn’t rain all day every day. It was nice to spend a lot of time inside by the fire, but we still took every chance we had to get outside.

After Romain’s family left we both wanted to maintain our structure and schedule from the previous six weeks. Our three biggest goals were to keep lunches and dinners the same, continue making progress on projects in the garden, and to take advantage of our surroundings. It seemed easy enough.

With these goals, we didn’t really consider all of the other little tasks around the house. So we had to make some adjustments.

Our New Goals

As it turns out, having multiple-course sit-down meals for two people twice a day just isn’t that fun. Even for people who love food and cooking and eating. During week seven of our Normandy confinement we had a first: we got take-away pizza. Twice. The pizza wasn’t even that good and both times we didn’t even bother using plates…but it was perfect. We’ve decided to have one “special” meal à table and one super simple meal per day.

Roses in Genêts

Romain is handling most of the big garden projects – I just have to water the plants around the house (luckily the rain took care of that for me last week). Last week was the culmination of a big tree-removal operation. A huge tree fell down near the greenhouse and Romain decided that since we were here, he’d take care of it himself. We had so many chainsaw issues (luckily no injuries), but he finally finished cutting the tree into pieces, chopping the logs into firewood, and organizing everything. I’m now calling him Pierre Bunyan (he doesn’t get to be Paul Bunyan because he doesn’t have Babe the Blue Ox). We’ll see what fun we get into this week…please no more chainsaws!

We managed to take full-advantage of our surroundings without any issues, especially over the weekend. Saturday we walked around Genêts, one of the most charming little towns I’ve ever seen. Sunday we walked to the beach with Dalton and just sat by the water. It was a perfect way to reset for the week.

Dalton near the Carolles beach
Confinement Week Seven in Normandy Carolles Beach
Carolles Beach

So, we’ll hear on Thursday if the plans for the first phase of déconfinement on May 11th will move forward. It’s hard to believe that this could be our last week of strict lockdown in Normandy.

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