My Top Five Classic French Restaurants in Paris

Top Five Classic French restaurants in Paris Bistrot de Paris interior

With the arrival of cooler temperatures in Paris I have to admit I’ve been daydreaming a bit about fall and winter menu changes and some of my favorite dishes. I thought it would be the perfect time to share my top five classic French restaurants in Paris (it’s hard for me to limit my picks, I could easily make a list of 50). The restaurants within all hit the marks for excellent food, service, and atmosphere.

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A Perfect Day on the Left Bank

a perfect day on the left bank

Last week as a part of my OuiPlease Instagram takeover I shared my idea of a perfect day on the Left Bank. This day was shopping-centric and I included a mini Rue du Bac guide with some of my favorite shops and what to buy. I wanted to focus on this part of Paris because I think it’s a great area to consider staying in whether at a hotel or in an apartment to get a taste of real life in Paris.

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Five Friday Finds from France: February 28th

Five Friday Finds From France Le Bonaparte

This week’s Five Friday Finds from France feature Paris sunsets that remind me of Texas sunsets, bien sûr food-related tips, the great French Sunday lunch tradition, and Prescription, another cozy Paris cocktail bar.

Although it’s the last Five Friday Finds for the month, it’s not the last day in February since it’s a leap year. Leap year in French is l’année bissextile. My first thoughts – two sixes? Doesn’t make sense because leap year is every four years. Here’s an article that explains it, with some bonus French vocabulary for those interested.

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