Christmas in Paris: Astier de Villatte Ornaments 2020

Astier de Villatte vegetable christmas ornaments

Year after year some of my very favorite Christmas ornaments in Paris come from Astier de Villatte. They are truly fabulous and are never exactly the same. Today I got to see (and shop) the 2020 Astier de Villatte ornaments and I couldn’t wait to share them!

It’s absolutely impossible for me to walk into Astier de Villatte in December and leave empty-handed. As someone who is completely Christmas obsessed, it’s a bit of an overload for me. They have ornaments I would never imagine existed, and then I suddenly can’t imagine my life and tree without them.

Dramatic? Maybe. But if you’ve seen the ornaments you probably know. Romain generally doesn’t enjoy shopping with me, but he loves coming to Astier de Villatte and even knocks out a lot of his Christmas shopping. The best part is the selection is so big and so wide that you can find something special for just about anyone.

Astier de Villatte horseshoe christmas ornament
lemon christmas ornament
lime christmas ornament
astier de villatte pepper ornaments
fruit christmas ornaments
queen elizabeth christmas ornaments

My list of French Christmas ornaments available online just got much bigger. The best news of all is Astier de Villatte ships worldwide. More on that at the end of the post. For now I’ll let the ornaments do the talking.

Astier de Villatte Christmas Ornaments 2020

Its hard to pick favorites, but there are a few standouts for me this year. I love the Mona Lisa, Queen Elizabeth, luggage cart, lips with a gold tooth, Anna Wintour, horseshoe, and lime ornaments. And all of the food ornaments. And Notre-Dame. It’s too hard to pick!

astier de villatte christmas
beer christmas ornaments
cocktail christmas ornaments
fruit and vegetable christmas ornaments
astier de villatte fruit ornaments
mona lisa christmas ornament
notre dame christmas ornament
treasure chest ornament
eyeshadow christmas ornament
egg ornament
astier de villatte egg
boiled egg christmas ornament
animal ornaments
dog christmas ornaments
dog christmas ornaments
cigar christmas ornament
anna wintour christmas ornament
baguette christmas ornament
astier de villatte ornaments
burrito christmas ornament
burger christmas ornament
macaroni and cheese christmas ornament

How To Order the 2020 Astier de Villatte Christmas Ornaments

Astier de Villatte has a great selection of ornaments that you can order online. However, they’ve assured me that they can ship absolutely anything anywhere. So if you see something you like in one of my photos and can’t find it on their website just send them an email.

gold watch christmas ornament
french cheese christmas ornament
dessert ornament
french christmas ornaments
eiffel tower ornament
astier de villatte christmas ornament 2020

The Astier de Villatte ornaments are truly spectacular and some of my favorites to collect for myself and give as gifts.

I’d love to hear which ornaments are among your favorites.

Shop Astier de Villatte

Left Bank – 173 Rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris

Right Bank – 16 Rue du Tournon 75006 Paris

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