French Christmas Ornaments Available Online

french christmas ornaments available online

I truly believe more is more when it comes to the Christmas tree so I always keep my eyes out for festive ornaments. Anything French or Paris-inspired is always a must for me. I’ve rounded up over 40 French Christmas ornaments available online to add to your collections!

French Christmas Ornaments Available Online – Updated in 2023

Picnic Basket French Christmas Ornament
picnic basket ornament

The best way to start off any French Christmas ornament list is with a picnic basket filled with favorites. The picnic basket ornament is adorable and I love the red and white napkin detail.

Baguette French Christmas Ornament
baguette christmas ornament
french baguette ornament

If you don’t have a baguette ornament on your tree you need at least one! I love the classic baguette ornament and of course the French baguette in a bag ornament too!

Champagne French Christmas Ornament
champagne french christmas ornament

Look forward to 2024 with this fun Champagne ornament. I’ll toast to that!

French Cheese Christmas Ornaments
cheese christmas ornaments

This set of four French cheese ornaments is a must for a French foodie! If you prefer your cheeses stacked together, this cheese ornament is great.

Monet’s Garden Giverny Christmas Ornament
monet's garden giverny ornament

Another super unique ornament for is this Monet’s garden ornament. Perfect for anyone who’s been to Giverny or dreams of going! Contact me here for assistance in planning your trip.

French Market Basket Christmas Ornament
french market basket ornament

This French market basket ornament is one of my all-time favorites! It always sells out, so if you have your eye on it don’t hesitate!

French Onion Soup Ornament
french onion soup ornament

If you are a member you know how much I love a very specific onion soup in Paris. This French onion soup ornament will definitely be on my tree this year. I cannot get over the spoon and doily details!

Set of 12 French Macarons Christmas Ornaments
macaron ornament

How adorable are these French macaron ornaments? They’re so sweet in the box and have all of my favorite flavors. You can also shop a macaron platter ornament option here. This exact ornament is sold out, but there’s a similar version available here.

Mona Lisa Christmas Ornament
mona lisa ornament

Who doesn’t want a Mona Lisa ornament on their tree?

Louvre Museum Christmas Ornament
louvre museum christmas ornament

You can’t have a French themed Christmas tree without a Louvre Museum ornament. It’s so good! This ornament is currently sold out. A similar version is available here.

Champagne Glass Christmas Ornament
champagne flute ornament

I love this festive Champagne flute ornament. The details are so sweet from the little bubbles to the fizz at the top of the glass. It’s a great gift for a Francophile or Champagne lover as well as anyone who celebrated something this year!

Champagne Cork Christmas Ornament
champagne cork ornament

To mark a special occasion or celebratory moment, this Champagne cork ornament would be a sweet marker.

Parisian Caviar Christmas Ornament
caviar ornament

I have this caviar ornament that I love. This caviar ornament is similar and so much fun. It’s not breakable which is always nice to have as well. There’s another version available here.

Caviar Blini Ornament
caviar blini ornament

This is my first year seeing a caviar blini ornament and I am obsessed. So fun!

Dutch Oven Christmas Ornament
dutch oven ornament

I never knew I needed a dutch oven ornament until I saw this one! It’s too adorable.

Asparagus Bundle Christmas Ornament
asparagus ornament

I can’t get enough of the food-themed ornaments. Asparagus season is always exciting at the markets – I just wish they’d do a matching white asparagus ornament too!

Paris Bag Tag Christmas Ornament
cdg bag tag ornament
cdg bag tag christmas ornament

This Paris Bag Tag Christmas ornament is so sweet. I love the French flag on the back – it’s guaranteed to look great on the tree from any angle. This would be a sweet ornament to give as a way to document a past or future trip to Paris!

Wine Night Santa Christmas Ornament
wine night santa christmas ornament

Santa is ready for wine night! Christopher Radko ornaments are so special to collect and I think this Santa is headed directly to France with wine and baguettes! There’s a slightly different Christopher Radko wine Santa available here.

Copper Pots Christmas Ornament
copper ornament set

For a Francophile foodie, this set of copper ornaments would make fabulous gifts and a fun addition to a food-related section of a tree. The pieces are also available individually and would be fun to pair with real copper cookware from Mauviel.

Round Charcuterie Board Christmas Ornament
round charcuterie board french christmas ornament

Whoever designed this charcuterie board ornament did a great job – they have all of the key elements!

Suitcase with Stickers French Christmas Ornament
suitcase ornament

My suitcase looks just like this, stickers and all, so I think it’s super fun. A great ornament for anyone who loves to travel. These stacked trunks are pretty adorable too!

Espresso Machine Ornament
espresso machine ornament

This espresso machine ornament would be such a fun addition to a tree – I love the blue color!

Charcuterie French Christmas Ornament
charcuterie french christmas ornament

Some of my favorite memories in France involve a mix of charcuterie, cheeses, and red wine. This charcuterie platter ornament is so charming and could inspire you to make or buy the real thing!

Berry Basket Christmas Ornament
berry basket ornament
berry basket ornament

I love any and all ornaments that have to do with market foods – and this berry basket ornament is no exception! There’s a blue version available here as well. I think I could have an entire tree filled with food ornaments!

Not Yet Available for 2023: Chocolate Croissant Christmas Ornament
Chocolate croissant christmas ornament

It wouldn’t be a French themed Christmas tree without a chocolate croissant ornament!

Eiffel Tower Christmas Ornament
eiffel tower christmas ornament

The Eiffel Tower ornament is kind of an essential on any Francophile Christmas tree. There are lots of different versions out there, but this one reminds me of April in Paris with the pink colors. I also like this classic Eiffel Tower ornament, this hand-blown Eiffel Tower ornament or this set of two Eiffel Towers – perfect for giving one to a travel buddy!

Macaron Christmas Ornament Sets
macaron ornament set
set of six french macaron ornaments

The only thing better than a macaron Christmas ornament is a set of macaron ornaments! This set of three pistachio, chocolate, and strawberry macaron ornaments would make the perfect gift – preferably accompanied by actual macarons! For more macarons on your tree, this set of six macaron ornaments is a great option. There is also a single ornament with three macarons stacked available.

Chef’s Coat and Hat Christmas Ornaments
chef's coat ornament
chef's hat ornament

For anyone who loves French cooking a combination of this chef’s coat ornament and chef’s hat Christmas ornament would be perfect!

Butter Christmas Ornament
butter christmas ornament sur la table

While I wish it said beurre instead of butter, it’s still a very essential ingredient in many French recipes so this butter ornament is getting an honorary spot on the list! (There’s a non-glitter butter ornament available for for less here).

Oyster Platter Christmas Ornament
oyster platter christmas ornament
oyster platter christmas ornament

Another great oyster platter ornament to remind you of times by the sea in France or in Paris eating oysters with a cold glass of Chablis! You’ll find oysters on tables in France for both Christmas and New Years celebrations as well. The blue plate oyster ornament is available here.

Vintage French Christmas Ornaments
vintage french christmas ornaments

I’ve sourced a selection of vintage French Christmas ornaments throughout the past three years and am excited to announce that the third collection is available now. These ornaments are all very unique and special and are truly rare to come across. They’ve all been sourced with love in France and are one of a kind pieces.

Stained Glass French Christmas Ornaments
notre dame stained glass christmas ornaments

I love these French cathedral stained glass designs. I originally bought some from Sainte-Chapelle to have on the tree but ended up hanging them from my window year round!

Paris City Christmas Ornament
paris city christmas

A fun Paris inspired Christmas ornament with many beloved buildings and monuments tucked into one!

Gold Eiffel Tower French Christmas Ornament
gold eiffel tower christmas ornament

If you’re anything like me, you have more than one Eiffel Tower ornament on the tree. I love this gold version of the Eiffel Tower – and it isn’t breakable !

France Map Christmas Ornament
france map christmas ornament

I have this France map ornament on my tree – it’s one of my favorites!

Notre Dame Christmas Ornament
notre dame paris christmas ornament

I love this Notre Dame Christmas ornament and think it would be great next to one of the stained glass ornaments!

Paris Suitcase Christmas Ornament
paris suitcase ornament
paris suitcase ornament

This Paris suitcase ornament is filled with many of Paris’ iconic landmarks. I love from the back and the front. Note: this ornament is currently sold out but there is a similar option available here.

Not Yet Available for 2023: Set of Three French Christmas Ornaments
set of three french christmas ornaments

This set of three French-inspired Christmas ornaments is pretty adorable. It has all of the essentials, but the dog in a striped sweater with a béret is the real selling point for me.

Eclair Christmas Ornament
eclair christmas ornament

This chocolate eclair Christmas ornament would be a sweet and fun addition to any Francophile tree!

Traveling Poodle Christmas Ornaments
traveling poodle ornaments

The sweetest set of traveling poodle ornaments. I’m of course partial to the Paris poodle with her striped sweater, pink beret, and box of macarons!

Croquembouche Christmas Ornament
croquembouche christmas ornament

We made a Croquembouche for Christmas the last time we were home with my family and it was one of my favorite memories. Not only was it fun, but it was delicious and the perfect bite-sized dessert to pop directly into your mouth…they didn’t last long! I want to add this Croquembouche ornament to my tree to remind me of the fun memories and also to make one again this year! A slightly different version is available here.

Passport Christmas Ornament
passport ornament

I have a passport ornament and it’s one of my very favorites. It always reminds me of fun trips in the past and exciting ones to come!

Blue Eiffel Tower Christmas Ornament
blue eiffel tower

To round off the list, we’ll end with this Blue Eiffel Tower Christmas ornament. I have it on my tree as a part of my Eiffel Tower collection and love it!

I hope you enjoyed this list of French Christmas ornaments available online. If you have any other French or Paris themed ornaments you’ve found online I’d love to see them – I’m always looking to add to my collection!

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