Weekend Links: Week One

Weekend Links Week One Pont des Arts

I’m so excited to introduce Week One of my Weekend Links series. It’s a compilation of my favorite France-related articles from the week. My hope is that you’ll enjoy reading them leisurely over the weekend with a coffee, a glass of wine (be sure to see the ‘Ultimate Guide to French Rosé), or maybe with a French music playing in the background. All three work too, bien sûr.

Alain Ducasse’s new anti-virus air system (the system which cost €50,000 to install will allow his smallest Paris restaurant – where social distancing would be impossible – to open at 80% capacity)

France’s open call to design a monument in the Tuileries Garden commemorating victims of slavery (the artist eventually chosen will be of African-descent)

Melted scaffolding removal begins following the Notre Dame fire (I’m glad that there’s finally a little progress being made)

Chanel Cruise 2021: A digital fashion show brings Capri to Paris

Weekend Links Week One Window Box

A new type of French cheese created unintentionally during the lockdown (adding to my list of cheeses to try)

The ultimate guide to French rosé organized by region

France intends to fine people up to $423 for dropping masks (note to self: do not drop your mask)

Joint letter written by Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin about their time in French brothels goes to auction (Expected selling price? Between €180,000 and €250,000)

Weekend Links Week One Le Bonaparte Cafe

A Michelin-starred chef’s croque monsieur recipe

Sean Connery’s former home in the South of France is for sale (talk about a dream house in a dream location)

Parisians miss tourists (it’s SO true!)

Rediscovering “Paris” by Hope Mirrlees, modernism’s lost classic

I hope you enjoyed week one of Weekend Links! I look forward to continuing this series as a way to continue to bring more France into your life. Bon week-end à tous!

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