Weekend Links: Week Four

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The past couple of weeks have been very busy – much busier than I expected – but filled with exciting things to come. While it’s been a colder week in Paris we’ve been lucky to have days with a brilliant blue sky, which is always a welcome treat in January. Boomer decided to start taking in the view this week and now puts his front paws up on the bridges as we cross. It’s pretty adorable. We have a fun dinner with friends planned tonight and otherwise are enjoying a quiet weekend. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week Four include an article on France becoming the most visited country in 2025, the secret to a long life according to the French, and a good list of seven Paris restaurants to visit at least once. Enjoy!

15 Tons Of Stone Delivered To Rebuild Notre Dame Vaulted Ceilings

Over a Million Demonstrate Against Pension Reform in France

Chicago Bulls Descend on Paris to Toast Off-White — and Play Basketball

This Country Will Become the Most Visited on the Planet in 2025. It is such an exciting time to visit France. Get in touch with me here to create a tailor-made itinerary.

Bonjour, Miami: Giant French Bank, One of the World’s Largest, Setting Up Shop in Brickell

French Mayor Urges Madonna to Loan City Painting Lost in WWI

Sarcophagus of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II to Make Rare Visit to France

louvre facade

Yayoi Kusama’s Iconic Polka Dots Take Over Louis Vuitton Stores Around the World

This European City Is the Most Powerful in the World, According to a New Ranking

Paris Design Week 2023: What to See at the Fair and in Town

The Hotel Where You Can Sleep in Two Countries at the Same Time

The Southern French Cheese You Should Always Buy At Costco

This Cool French Sports Car Brand Is Coming to America

If You Dream of Life in the French Countryside, We’ve Found the Perfect Escape

paris in january

This New Hotel Might Be the Most Fashionable in Paris

The Dismantling of Belleville: A Parisian Village Lost to the Wrecking Ball

You Don’t Have to See Versailles Like the Peasants

What is the Secret to a Long Life, According to the French?

Here Are The Differences Between American And French Omelets

I am Finally French, After Years of Longing

7 Essential Paris Restaurants Everyone Should Visit at Least Once

tuileries after rain

How the French Outsmarted German Bomber Pilots During WWI by Building a Sham Paris with Fake People and Replicas of Monuments

The Cheapest Nicest Hotels in Paris

The Rustic French Origins Of Cassoulet

Why You Need to Visit Toulon this Year

France, NBA Announce Comprehensive Plan to Elevate Basketball in France and Africa

The Shape Of Your French Croissant Could Have A Hidden Meaning

A Parisian Wanderer with a Humanist Lens

I hope you enjoyed week four of Weekend Links! I’d love to hear which articles about France were your favorites. Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment below. Bon week-end à toutes et à tous!

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