Weekend Links: Week 43

weekend links week 43 rue de beaune

I’m back in Paris after a quick but wonderful trip home to Dallas. Next week is going to be busy before we gear up for an overdue trip to Normandy. I can’t wait and am plotting more weekend trips this fall and winter. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 43 include a look inside the Louis Vuitton ranch in Texas, photos and a lovely description of a French countryside wedding and a Left Bank apartment tour. Enjoy!

Louvre to Display Ancient Buddha Statue, Quran Fragment from Uzbekistan

Paris Photo Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

French State Fined Further €20 Million for Inadequate Action Over Air Pollution

French Farmers are Covering Crops with Solar Panels to Produce Food and Energy at the Same Time

BeReal, a French Social Media Startup, Is Being Copied by Big Tech, and There’s Not Much it Can Do About it

Benefits Bureaucracy Estimated to Save French State Billions in Unpaid Welfare

France Experiences Summer Temperatures in Mid-October Due to Warm Air from North Africa

Art Basel Makes its Debut in Paris

These Are the World’s 17 Most Beautiful Hotels

dahlias in paris

Where is ‘Emily in Paris’ Filmed?

Guerlain’s Flagship Paris Boutique Becomes a Stage for Female Art Activism

The Historic Origins Of Confit

Macron to Crown a New President of the Palace of Versailles

A Rare Look Inside Louis Vuitton’s Hidden Away Texas Ranch in the Countryside — Rochambeau Ranch Is All About the Work

What Louis Vuitton’s Nicolas Ghesquière Can’t Live Without

The Bride and Groom Danced in the Rain at This Fashionable French Countryside Wedding

Parisian Orient Express Train

musee d'orsay october

A Dynamic Throwback to ’80s Fashion at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs—And More Must-See Museum Shows in Paris

To Get the Best of Paris, Leave the Louvre and Follow the Fabric

Mougins, France Is The Little-Known Town You Shouldn’t Sleep On

Why are the French So Good at Protesting?

Villa Albertine’s Extensive 2023 Residency Program Marries French and American Cultures

A French Cheese Pull Competition Found Who Makes the Stretchiest Aligot

A Guided Tour of the New TOO Hotel Designed by Philippe Starck in Paris

The 7 Most Effective Anti-Wrinkle Creams Available in French Pharmacies

paris october sunset

This Woman Agreed to Move into Her Husband’s Childhood Home in Paris—on One Condition

The Régie De Courances: A Royal Family-Friendly Cottage 1 Hour From Paris

Explore France With These 15 Wines

Hermès Plans to Raise Prices Up to 10 Percent Next Year

How to Find the Best Wines from Bordeaux

The 11 Films That Best Encapsulate French Girl Style

The 13 Most Beautiful Homes and Villas Where You Can Stay Around the World

Une Fille, Un Style: A Peek Inside the Apartment of Embroidery Artist Celia Bruneau in Montmartre

I hope you enjoyed week 43 of Weekend Links! I’d love to hear which articles about France were your favorites. Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment below. Bon week-end à toutes et à tous!

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