Weekend Links: Week 40

weekend links week 40 parisian fall flowers

It felt like we skipped over fall and went straight to winter with rain and cooler temperatures this week. I used to make fun of Parisiens for wearing puffy coats with temperatures hovering around 60 degrees – this week realized that I had become one. This week was particularly exciting, especially with the release Gray Malin’s “Dogs of Paris” series. I was lucky to be a part of the shoot in July and the photos are incredible. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 40 include an absolutely amazing tour of a 15th century Normandy manor house, the simple secret to French baking, and a look at a slip dress being spray-painted onto Bella Hadid live on the runway – you have to see it to believe it!

French Mustard Growers to Double Production in Wake of Market Collapse

Bella Hadid Has Her Futuristic Coperni Slip Dress Spray-Painted on Live on the Runway

In the Paris Metro, Commuters Face a Slower, Colder Ride

Champagne Bollinger to Open a Luxury 20-Room Hotel at Vineyard

Under a Cloud of Belt-Tightening, Paris Fashion Week Struts On

Everything We Know About the Met Gala 2023

Socca: The French Street Food You Should Know

Gray Malin’s “Dogs of Paris” Series

fall in the tuileries

The French Wine That’s Being Grown On Top Of Coal Mining Waste

Legendary Paris Restaurants That Live Up to the Hype

More of a 15th-Century Normandy Manor Brought Back to Vibrant Life

The French Origins Of Mozzarella Sticks

Monet – Mitchell

Everything We Know About Emily in Paris Season 3

The Row: An Antidote to Too-Muchness. Plus, Cher Headlines the Balmain Festival.

green chair tuileries

Gigi Hadid Was a Bare-Faced Beauty on the Isabel Marant Runway

Chanel to Host Fragrance Exhibition in Paris

Same-Day Cassoulet

The Simple Secret of French Baking

The Best Paris Food & Shopping According to Our Editors

What Are We Wearing to Restaurants Now, Paris?

louvre fall light

The 31 Best Things to do in Paris Right Now

Alcohol-Free Drinking In Paris? It’s A Thing. Here’s Your Guide

A 5-Star Hotel in France Is Offering a Taylor Swift-Themed Experience, So Pack Your Red Scarf

The French Riviera Can Be Intimidating. Here’s How to Experience It Like a Local

Highlights from Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023

Grace Kelly’s Favorite Paris Beauty Center Is Reopening With A Luxe New Look

I hope you enjoyed week 40 of Weekend Links! I’d love to hear which articles about France were your favorites. Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment below. Bon week-end à toutes et à tous!

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