Weekend Links: Week 29

Certain editions of this series are more robust than others and that is certainly the case with Weekend Links Week 29. There’s lots of good information regarding the health pass which is important to know if you’re traveling to France soon. Some of my favorite articles include an interview with Omar Sy from Lupin, the best food lessons from a French mother-in-law, news on a new Julia Child documentary, baguette secrets and photos of the beautiful Château du Grand-Lucé.

Eiffel Tower Reopens After Eight-Month COVID Closure

French Soldier Proposes to Girlfriend During Bastille Day Parade

France Achieves Record Covid Jabs with Macron’s ‘Big Stick’ Approach

Cannes Film ‘Paris 13th District’ Shows Another Side of the French Capital

What’s Behind Macron’s Bold Bet on a Covid Health Pass

Omar Sy Talks Lupin and Racism in France and the US, and Learns About Black AF1’s Bad Reputation

Million-Euro French Manor Was A Thousand Years In The Making

Where to Find the Best Natural Wine in France

A Botticelli Exhibition is Coming to Paris in September

The French Dispatch: Everything We Know About Wes Anderson’s Latest Movie

What Do Parisiennes Really Think of Riviera Style?

34 Best Things to Do in Paris. This is a good list of general things to cover in Paris. However, at the time I’m writing this some photos need to be changed…

Yasmine Eslami, Paris’s Favorite Lingerie Designer, on Her Secret Weapon for a Lived-In Red Lip

Wine Tourism: Champagne, Beyond The Bubbles

The Best Food Lessons I Learned from My French Mother-in-Law. Such a good list – and all very true!

This 18th-Century Chateau in France Is Heading to Auction

Shoppers With Thinning, Aging Hair Say This French Shampoo Reverses the March of Time

How to Open and Serve Champagne Properly This Bastille Day

Cannes Icon: Serge Gainsbourg in 10 Vintage Photos

Inside Nami Isackson’s Parisian Loft

le saint germain in the rain

The Most Fashionable Hotel in Paris, Hôtel Costes, Now Has a Sophisticated Sister Property

Legendary Parisian Den of Iniquity, Lapérouse, Forays into Cafe Culture. Dying to go. Such a nice complement to the original Lapérouse.

Medieval French Coins Unearthed in Poland? A Mystery Begins

Live La Belle Vie in the City of Love

A French Home That Whispers Unfashionable Chic

‘Julia’ Trailer: ‘RBG’ Filmmakers Look To Master The Art Of Julia Child In New Documentary

Inside Noomi Rapace’s Cannes Glam Session: An Ice Bath, Cult French Fragrance, and More. The perfume is a splurge but oh my gosh does it smell incredible and last forever!

10 of the Best Luxury Côtes de Provence Rosé Wines for Summer

The Best Hotspots of the Cannes Film Festival

parisian window

So Courant! Where To Shop, Stay, and Eat in Paris

‘Emily in Paris’ Makeup Artist Spills Her Top French Girl Beauty Secrets

La Baguette: Secrets of France’s Most Addictive Food. There’s also a list of some of the best boulangeries in Paris!

Tour Celebrity Hairdresser Christophe-Nicolas Biot’s Parisian Apartment

Getting to the Heart of “Provence Style.” Click here to shop the beautiful Provence Style book.

Hotel Château du Grand-Lucé: An Impossibly Romantic Hotel with a Fascinating History, in France’s Loire Valley

4 Make-Ahead French Sandwiches for a Très Magnifique Lunch

The Recipe for Simone Zanoni’s Tonata Ceasar Salad. Such an interesting recipe, great for those who don’t love anchovies.

Angèle Spends a Day in Cannes and Invites Us Along with Her (and Chanel)

I hope you enjoyed week 29 of Weekend Links! I’d love to hear which articles about France were your favorites. Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment below. Bon week-end à tous et à toutes!

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