Weekend Links: Week 15

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I’m back in Paris after a quick but wonderful work trip to Vézelay and the surrounding areas in Burgundy. I will absolutely be sharing more about what I did, where I stayed and, since it is Burgundy after all, what I ate and drank. It’s so easy to get to from Paris and I already can’t wait to go back with Romain. This is the first weekend in I’m not sure how long that I don’t have one single thing planned and it’s incredible. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 15 include an article about the beginnings of the department store aka Le Bon Marché, a review of Château Voltaire in Paris, and an ode to a French language teacher. Enjoy!

The Spectacular Beginnings of the Department Store. An interesting read on Le Bon Marché.

Notre-Dame Augmented Exhibition Opens in Paris

April Fools: Spring Snow Creates Wintry Scenes in France

Record Cold Temperatures and Late Frost Hit France’s Vineyards for the Second Spring in a Row

Why This Week’s French Elections Matter to the Wider World

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In Paris, Château Voltaire Offers Up Timeless Charm—And Delectable Chocolate Mousse. The minibars look incredible…

8 of the Best Luxury Hotels in Paris

Here’s Why Kids In France Can’t Have Ketchup At School

Oscar Niemeyer’s Last Design Finally Finds a Home in Aix-en-Provence, France

Burger King Runs Its Own French Presidential Election

pont des arts

Take a Closer Look Inside Dior’s Lavishly Reimagined Paris Flagship

Here’s How To Do Paris Like A French Girl

French Interiors: An Antiques-Filled Manor House in Loire. You can stay there too!

Why France’s Daily Baguette is Costing So Much Dough

Courtney Wartman & Otis Weis’s Idyllic French Countryside Wedding

parisian building

A Fashion Designer’s Guide to Paris

Alain Ducasse’s New Paris Restaurant Is All About The Veggie Burger

This 12-bedroom French Chateau Could be Yours for just £250,000

An Ode to the French Teacher Who Taught Me to Inhabit the Language. My favorite of the week!

Michelangelo’s First Known Nude Goes on Display in Paris Ahead of Christie’s Auction

II hope you enjoyed week 15 of Weekend Links! I’d love to hear which articles about France were your favorites. Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment below. Bon week-end à toutes et à tous!

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