Weekend Links: Week 12

weekend links week 12 magnolia tree in the tuileries garden

It’s been quite an eventful week in Paris and France, which you can read more about below. For me personally the week was pleasantly uneventful for the most part. Spring is really starting to pop up and it’s hard to not feel giddy at the prospect of ditching my winter gear for a while. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 12 include a really good article with tips if you’re traveling to Paris soon, a comparison of work life balance between France and other countries, a list of gorgeous Cannes hotels that has me dreaming of a trip, and a look inside the billion dollar project to clean up the Seine. Enjoy!

France’s Macron to Face No-Confidence Votes Over Pension Overhaul

City of … Garbage? Paris, Amid Strikes, is Drowning in Trash.

Here’s a Look at How Work-Life Balance Compares in the US, France, Australia, and the UK

Travelers to Paris Should be Prepared for Trash Piles and Protests. There are some really great tips in this article for those planning to be in Paris soon. Scheduling airport transfers and not relying on Taxis/Ubers is a great idea right now. Feel free to contact me here if you need assistance setting one up.

Manet and Degas Were Painters of Modern Life

There Are Baguette Vending Machines In The French Wilderness

Meet Maison Madeleine, a New Furniture Company With a Pacific-Meets-Parisian Flair

institut de france

The Notre Dame Fire Revealed a Long-Lost Architectural Marvel

Why You Should Dine at a Parisian Bouillon

Return of Bookshops in France is a Novel Idea

The Newly Renovated Carlton Cannes Is Now Home to the Largest Infinity Pool in the Riviera. Here’s a Look Inside.

At 70, Isabelle Huppert Does French Beauty in the Chicest Way

A-List Approved Cannes Hotels

How Marie Antoinette Shows the Royal’s Makeup Practices: From Lead Poisoning to a Pigeon Face Wash

view of pont royal paris

The Ratpocalypse: Why Paris is Awash with Vermin – and the Mayor isn’t Stepping In

Inside the Billion-Dollar Effort to Clean Up the World’s Most Romantic River. The accompanying video gives a good overview.

Le Royal Monceau is the Luxurious Fashion-Editor-Approved Place to Stay in Paris

This French App Will Change the Way You Grocery ShopThis French App Will Change the Way You Grocery Shop

This Eyewear Brand Is Made in France but Made It in Los Angeles

The Small French Potato That’s Best For Pomme Purée

This Bride Found her Vivienne Westwood Wedding Dress Just Two Weeks Before Her Wedding in the South of France… and it Fit Perfectly!

place dauphine exterior

After 6 Years in NYC, I Moved to France—Here’s What It’s Actually Like to Find an Apartment in Paris

Why Marie Antoinette’s Reputation Changes With Each Generation

6 Magnificent Forests To Explore In France

‘How Living in France has Reshaped My Idea of Motherhood’

‘Picasso the Foreigner’ Review: An Outsider in Paris

These New Luxury Villas Let You Explore the Vast Countryside of France’s Provence Region

What to Remember from the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show Held at the Musée d’Orsay

I hope you enjoyed week 12 of Weekend Links! I’d love to hear which articles about France were your favorites. Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment below. Bon week-end à toutes et à tous!

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