The Mèze Market

Mèze market olives

We spent the first part of our summer holiday in Mèze, a little paradise not far from Montpellier. If you’re familiar with me you know I love my weekly market in Paris. Markets in small towns in France are usually not to be missed. The Mèze market is no exception.

I knew the market would be a good one since Mèze is known for shellfish-based food as well as several other specialities. I had however forgotten just how good these small-town French markets can be. While I love Marché Raspail, the Mèze market is next-level. You can’t beat the number of local producers, incredible selection and prices, and the great signs.

heirloom tomatoes from France

Mèze Market Picks

I was especially lucky to visit the market with Romain’s friend’s mother, who lives in Méze. She knows the best vendors and shared their stories with me as well as some of her favorite items. Among her picks were the sweet onions which are only in season this time of year, a producer who makes her own goat cheese and yogurts, a fishmonger whose husband catches all of the fish the night before, the best local olives, and my new favorite moules farcies.

Our market baskets were filled to the brim with moules farcies, tomatoes, cheeses, limes (of course), fresh eggs, olives, and more. Romain also insisted on getting some travers de porc (ribs)…when in Rome.

The Mèze market also has all sorts of things besides food. There’s a large selection of shoes, clothes, jewelry, market baskets, and even phone cases. I was tempted by the market baskets (you can never have enough), but I decided to wait.

Herault sweet onions at the Mèze market
Dried fruits and nuts
spices at the French market
spicy black olives
homemade hummus and garlic
local producer at the Mèze market
fresh garlic
peaches and cucumber
onions at the Mèze market
prunes and melons at the Mèze market

Mèze Market Practical Information

I think the pictures do the talking. If you ever find yourself in Mèze, be sure to check out the Thursday and Sunday market as well as the marché nocturne, the summer evening market on Thursday nights at the port.

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