Provence in Paris: Where to See Lavender in Paris

Provence in Paris: Where to See Lavender in Paris

Instead of heading South (or anywhere) this June, I stayed in Paris. I can’t complain- there’s an endless amount of things to do and see in the French capital. On many of my walks I found myself noticing things I never have before. One of those things were the (miniature) Provence-style lavender fields in Paris. I’ve put together the locations of a few places where you can see lavender in Paris. Hopefully the list will keep growing!

Provence in Paris

This year was the first time I’ve spent the majority of June in Paris since 2013. I was happy to discover a little bit of Provence in Paris accidentally on a Sunday walk through the Tuileries. Other than the little pots of lavender for sale at most flower shops I’d never seen lavender in Paris before.

As I continued my walk, I noticed more lavender serving as a barrier for the bike lane on the Quai des Tuileries. I’ve never noticed this little urban garden alongside the Tuileries (not surprising since I rarely go anywhere in a car in Paris and if I’m walking I prefer to walk inside the garden).

Provence lavender in Paris
Provence lavender in Paris
Where to see lavender in Paris
Provence in Paris
Provence in Paris

As the month went on, I noticed more and more lavender blooming around the city. Even though I’m allergic to lavender (very unfortunate), there’s nothing better than the smell. It’s instantly relaxing.

My Favorite Lavender Field in Paris

My favorite lavender “field” in Paris is in the Jardin des Tuileries. I love the contrast of the provençal lavender against the Parisian buildings. As you move around the field you have different perspectives. Some views include the green park chairs, others have statues, and perhaps the most “Provence” perspective is with the green Versailles planters and lemon trees.

Lavender field Paris
Provence lavender in Paris
lavender field Paris
Tuileries green chair
Tuileries green chairs
Tuileries lavender field
Provence in Paris

Spending a moment with the lavender really does transport me to le Sud de la France. It’s amazing what a difference stopping and sitting for even five minutes can make.

Where to See Lavender in Paris

If you’re looking for lavender in Paris, try these locations from mid-June to early July:

Jardin des Tuileries – the largest display of lavender in Paris (that I’ve seen). I marked the exact spot on a map here.

Quai des Tuileries – just parallel to the Jardin des Tuileries

Square René Viviani – Located just across from Notre-Dame, you’ll find lavender along the perimeter. This square is also where you can see the oldest tree in Paris!

Rue de la Bûcherie – next to the Square René Viviani there’s more lavender overflowing across from the famous Shakespeare and Company bookstore.

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