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I’m excited to introduce La Porte Bonheur, my new online shop filled with hand-selected French antiques. I’ve always been fascinated with antiques although never expected to sell them. 2020 is really full of plot twists! The store will likely evolve, but for now the focus is on objects used while gathering and celebrating at home.

Antiques in Normandy

The concept for La Porte Bonheur had been in the back of my mind for a while. Then suddenly I was living in Normandy with Romain’s family during the confinement. At first I thought there was no way we’d eat a multiple course lunch and dinner every single day. I just thought there was no way. But for two months we did just that.

Every meal was filled with beautiful objects, which were for the most part antique. Some of them matched, some of them didn’t, but everything worked together. The time in Normandy showed me how easy it is to integrate antiques into everyday life.

La Porte Bonheur porcelain
crystal knife rests
french antique hand-embroidered linen napkins
La Porte Bonheur Kalk saucier

Also, the whole time we were in Normandy nothing broke. It made me realize that I shouldn’t keep something in a cabinet for a special occasion just because I’m afraid of it breaking.

La Porte Bonheur

When I got back to Paris, I decided I wanted to use the antiques that I already had and collect more. Taking a little extra time to set the table (and also do the dishes) was worth it. It makes a huge difference – even the most simple meal suddenly feels special.

This feeling of joy that comes from being around a beautifully set table is what inspired me to create La Porte Bonheur. Giving these objects a second life is not only a sustainable way to shop, but it’s also a way to bring happiness through your door and into your home (which is why I chose La Porte Bonheur for the name).

La Porte Bonheur porcelain
french antique whisky tumblers
Majolica knife rests
Bernardaud dinner service

I’m very excited to finally share La Porte Bonheur and the pieces that I’ve found so far. One of my favorite things about antiques is they already have a story, and the story gets to continue.

So whether you buy French antiques or just start using the beautiful objects you already have at home, I highly encourage you to do so. Don’t let the fear of something “irreplaceable” breaking stop you.


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