Back to French Paradise in Normandy

French paradise in Normandy swimmers

The best decision we made in the month of May is to come back to Normandy for a long weekend. Paris has been great with perfect weather, and I’m sure it’s even better now with the parks and gardens open again, but for me nothing compares to this French paradise in Normandy.

Summer Weather

We arrived Friday evening just in time for l’apéro on the sunny terrasse with Romain’s parents and sweet Dalton. We spent the rest of the evening outside listening to the birds and taking in the summer light thanks to the perfect weather.

French paradise in Normandy ocean water

It really hit me that we were back the next morning on my run. As soon as I turned a curve and saw the perfectly blue water I just felt calm. The water felt like a welcome back gift. We fell right back into a leisurely routine of meals filled with seafood and fresh vegetables on the terrasse and late afternoon beach walks with Dalton. I also mixed in our homemade version of the Popeye’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich for good measure.

The Return of the Beach

After all of the restrictions during the confinement it’s a bit strange to see the beach filled with people. It’s equally as strange to actually be able to get in the water (although it’s still a bit chilly for me). It felt like a secret isolated beach for such a long time. Dalton enjoyed his last few outings on the beach and swims in the ocean for the summer. From June 1st to August 31st dogs aren’t allowed on the beach.

Dalton on the beach in Carolles
Granville Normandy beach
Croix Paqueray sunset in Normandy

I love Paris and life in Paris, but life in Normandy provides a necessary balance and release from city life. I’m soaking up every minute of this long weekend. I’ll hold it close until we can come back to French paradise in Normandy again.

While I am so fortunate to be in Normandy, my heart is heavy from reading about, hearing about, and watching the civil unrest in the United States. So many people have reached out to me and said they appreciate the escape that my photos provide. I intend to keep my platforms on Instagram and here on my website focused on France, but I cannot ignore what is happening in the world. I encourage everyone to read and share resources for how to actively be an anti-racist.

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