Five Friday Finds from France: October 23rd

Le Saint Germain + the best margarita in Paris from le voltaire's cocktail menu + la grande épicerie's pumpkin pie recipe

This week was a busy one so I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty excited for a quiet weekend at home, even if it’s semi-forced. The 9 PM curfew really hasn’t bothered me so far – although word on the street is it might be moving up to 7 PM. That would be very unfortunate for restaurants that are already struggling to adapt to the current curfew. This week’s Five Friday Finds from France features my new favorite version of the best margarita in Paris, a Versailles lunch spot to add to your list, La Grande Epicerie’s pumpkin pie recipe and more!

The Best Margarita in Paris

best margarita in Paris from Le Voltaire's cocktail menu

There’s really no competition, the best margarita in Paris is at Le Voltaire. You might not normally associate Le Voltaire with craft cocktails, but it’s time to start. Head Bartender Vasilis Trous is uber-talented and has been sharing his cocktail creations at Le Voltaire for the past year. So what makes it the best margarita in Paris? I think it’s the combination of the muddled jalapeño, touch of Mezcal, and the organic egg white foam – that isn’t actually raw eggs. Vasilis says the smell can be off-putting, and I tend to agree. Next time you’re in Paris stop in for the best margarita or let him make you something else. Stay tuned for the signature and classic cocktail menus coming soon.

Dior In Bloom Book

dior in bloom book

There’s a new Dior book on the way and there’s a 100% chance it’ll be on my bookshelf soon. Dior Par Amour Des Fleurs (in English it’s called Dior In Bloom) celebrates the endless inspiration Christian Dior found in flowers for both his fashion and perfume creations. The book includes rose portraits by acclaimed fashion photographer Nick Knight, previously unseen archival documents, iconic fashion photographs, and plenty of color. I’m excited to see Les Rhumbs, Dior’s childhood home in Granville, featured. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a new favorite book!

Versailles Lunch Spot Chez StefS

Chez StefS Versailles

Yesterday Romain and I decided to play hooky and visit Château de Versailles without the crowds. We had a wonderful day and I’ll share more from our visit shortly. I reached out to pastry chef and Versailles resident Molly Wilkinson for a lunch suggestion. Molly was so sweet and sent over a list of great options. There was a star next to Chez StefS. Romain and I both had the chicken with morels and mashed potatoes and both agreed it was a 10/10 dish. The next time you’re in Versailles be sure to check it out! Molly also teaches pastry classes from her home in Versailles just next to the château for another activity (she’s currently offering virtual pastry classes)!

La Grande Epicerie’s Pumpkin Pie Recipe

La Grande Epicerie's pumpkin pie recipe

I’ve never made a pumpkin pie before (my sister is the queen), but this year I’m going to have to step up to the plate because I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving in Paris. Luckily Vogue Paris helped me out and asked La Grande Épicerie for their pumpkin pie recipe. While it seems a tiny bit vague – which mixed spices? also what are baking beans? – I’m sure someone will be able to help me find the right ingredients in store. It seems like a very simple and straightforward recipe!

Mariage Frères Noël Glamour Avent Calendar

Mariage Frères Noël Advent Calendar

I usually realize I want an advent calendar when it’s too late, so this year I’m going to be on top of my game. One that’s already caught my eye is Mariage Frères Noël Glamour advent calendar. Basically it’s 25 days of different Mariage Frères teas. It’ll be something to look forward to every morning plus a great way to discover some new flavors of teas!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Five Friday Finds from France. I’ll be back tomorrow with Weekend Links!

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