Five Friday Finds from France: November 19th

le saint germain christmas decorations. five friday finds from france featuring The Golden Retriever Photographic Society Book and paris christmas walks

It seems like every year it hits a little earlier, but I’m in full on festive mode. I loved the holiday season last year and appreciated the magic more than ever, but looking back it was definitely a demi-Noël for numerous reasons. This week’s Five Friday Finds from France features a very exciting announcement of a series of Paris Christmas Walks I’m co-hosting with my friend Emily, a cheese-themed 1000 piece puzzle, an absolute must-have book for dog lovers (and Dalton lovers): The Golden Retriever Photographic Society, and more!

Paris Christmas Walks

paris left and right bank christmas walks

Emily and I first connected over our love for Christmas in Paris after crossing paths without knowing it multiple times. This year we decided to share our enthusiasm for and knowledge of all things Christmas through our Left and Right Bank Paris Christmas Walks. There are four walks available in December and can’t wait to take everyone around to our favorite spots. We’re also offering tailor-made Christmas experiences, see here for more information.

The Golden Retriever Photographic Society Book

the golden retriever photgraphic society book

I think the whole world knows how beyond obsessed I am with Dalton, so when I saw the The Golden Retriever Photographic Society book I couldn’t handle it and legitimately got emotional. Bruce Weber’s photographs are of course fabulous and perfectly capture what is so special about these incredible dogs. This book is basically all I want for Christmas. The description pretty much says it all: “This book celebrates the human-animal bond, illuminating how connection to one’s pets can fuel creativity, provide companionship, and foster an abundance of joy.”

C’est Cheese Puzzle

c'est cheese puzzle

Romain loves puzzles so I always have my eyes out for puzzles that seem both challenging and fun. This C’est Cheese puzzle ticks both boxes. I think I would need to have a cheese board next to the puzzle while working on it…just for good measure!

David Hockney ‘A Year in Normandy’ Exhibit

david hockney a year in normandy exhibit

Last weekend Romain and I went to the David Hockney ‘A Year in Normandy’ exhibit at the Musée de l’Orangerie (with Monet’s Water Lilies). During the first lockdown in Normandy (which I know a thing or two about), Hockney created a series of paintings on his iPad of the different light and seasons. Afterwards, the paintings were all assembled into an almost 300 foot long frieze and printed on paper. This exhibit sparked so many memories for me and I highly recommend going to see it if you get a chance, it’s showing through February 14th, 2022. You can order a copy of the book here.

The Making of an Hermès Kelly Bag

hermes kelly atelier

I had the fascinating opportunity this week to watch a demonstration on how an Hermès Kelly Bag is made, and I was absolutely blown away. The amount of craftsmanship that goes into each bag is truly mind-blowing. At the end of the session we had the opportunity to make a few stitches. I quickly learned it is not at all as easy as it looks. While this experience is unfortunately not open to the public, there is a video where you can learn a bit more here.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Five Friday Finds from France. I’ll be back tomorrow with Weekend Links!

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