Five Friday Finds from France: May 7th

red peonies. featuring the new paris from the air book

It seems like the first week in May is usually rainy in Paris. We are very much in the thick of that right now. It’s not completely pouring and totally unbearable, although it isn’t the lovely April in Paris anymore. This week’s Five Friday finds from France features two new Paris books – Paris: From the Air and All the Buildings in Paris: That I’ve Drawn So Far, a major fraises de bois find at Eataly, Truff Truffle hot sauce and more!

Paris: From the Air

paris: from the air book

There are so many different ways to capture Paris in a photograph. Two of the most unique and interesting ways I’ve seen are straight down and from high above, as seen in Jeffery Milstein’s new Paris: From the Air book. The perspectives are stunning and like very original. The book would make a wonderful addition to a collection of books on Paris and France as well as a gift for a fellow Francophile!

Fraises des Bois at Eataly Paris

fraises des bois eataly paris

Strawberry season is something I look forward to year round in France. There’s just few things that can compare and it’s always fun (and tasty) to try as many different varieties as possible. Fraises des Bois, which translates to forest strawberries, have always been intriguing and yet I’d never tried them until recently. The combination of their slightly odd appearance and usually steep price tag (think 13€ a barquette in Paris) always turned me off.

Last weekend I went to Eataly in the Marais and saw them for 3.95€. These were Italian and not French, but were they ever delicious. Like little tiny melt-in-your-mouth candies. I now understand the hype, and would probably even consider paying 13€ for them.

All the Buildings in Paris: That I’ve Drawn So Far

all the buildings in paris that i've drawn so far

Another interesting title about Paris to add to your list is All the Buildings In Paris: That I’ve Drawn So Far. It’s described as being a “virtual keepsake from Paris.” It could also serve as a guide for spotting notable buildings, streets, monuments and landmarks on an upcoming trip to Paris. Perfect for Francophiles young and old!

Les Secrets de l’Opéra

les secrets de l'opera paris

There’s a bit of culture seemingly everywhere in Paris, including on the métro. As a part of the Les Secrets de l’Opéra installation over 1,000 silhouettes are affixed to the walls. The silhouettes represent the men and women who work in the Opéra both on stage and behind the scenes. By scanning a QR code you can access a sound component to accompany you during your journey in the métro. Or wherever you are – click here to listen!

Truff: Truffle Hot Sauce

truff truffle hot sauce

Hot sauce and France aren’t usually associated together. While I’m sure they exist, I’ve never met a French person who can take/enjoys a little heat. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and in my opinion hot sauce is a wonderful thing. My parents were kind enough to send a care package filled with different hot sauces to try. One of the first ones I reached for was Truff.

It’s like nothing I’ve ever tasted before – simultaneously spicy and sweet (thanks to the agave) with a distinct black truffle flavor. I’ve used it on eggs, pasta, and a stir fry so far but can’t wait to keep trying it with different foods. Even Romain approves. I’m also looking forward to the Hotter Sauce which is described as “less sweet, more heat.” Truff isn’t available in France yet, but it is in the UK and other countries in Europe. Hopefully my day will come soon!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Five Friday Finds from France. I’ll be back tomorrow with Weekend Links!

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  1. So fun to see the fraises des bois, because they thrive here in the Swedish forests and we call them “smultron”. And we always talk about them as “mini strawberries”, but really, they have quite another taste! And they are sooooo good!

    Also, the first thing I thought when I saw the hot sauce – that is NOT for the French (even though they love their truffles).. 😆

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