Five Friday Finds from France: May 28th

palais royal roses

Some weeks seem to go by much slower than others…and that was certainly the case for me this week. I’m so looking forward to a weekend filled with sun in Paris for the first time in what seems like (and actually might be) a month. This week’s Five Friday Finds from France includes the absolute cutest Notre Dame handbags, Molly Wilkinson’s new cookbook French Pastry Made Simple, where to find very American foods in Paris and more.

French Pastry Made Simple Cookbook

french pastry made simple cookbook

I certainly love eating French pastries but have always been a little intimidated by trying to make them myself. If you’re like me, Molly Wilkinson’s French Pastry Made Simple will be just the cookbook for you. She has an incredible way of making even the most complicated recipes feel manageable and not to mention absolutely delicious. Her cookbook is available for pre-order now. You can also take virtual cooking classes as well as in-person classes in Versailles with Molly.

The Unbeatable Coffee and Croissant on a Terrasse Combination

coffee and croissant on a terrasse in paris

I’ve spent the past week or so soaking up every moment spent on a terrasse (and especially those moments where I managed to stay dry). I appreciate them all, but there’s just something about a Sunday morning coffee and croissant on a terrasse that cannot be topped. Paris is so calm and still and it’s a wonderful way to reset for the coming week. My favorite spot is Le Saint Germain – be sure to go early before they run out of croissants!

Chic Notre Dame Handbags

notre dame handbag collection
notre dame paris handbag

If you read Weekend Links you may have seen an article last week about a Notre Dame handbag collaboration with Sophie Cano Paris. I think they are absolutely adorable and love everything I’ve seen so far. The bags will be sold exclusively on the Notre Dame website as well as in a concept store located not far from the cathedral. Another great gift idea to add to your list for any Francophiles!

The Best of American Foods in Paris

american foods in paris
american grocery store paris

I’ve been away from the US long enough where a 7.90€ bag of Ruffles is starting to sound very tempting to me. If you ever find yourself craving all of the best American foods, you must go to Sweet Escape. They have two locations – one on Rue de Rivoli and one on Place Saint-Michel. I was overwhelmed with the selection and will definitely be back, although I did leave with a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese…when in Rome!

A Sweet Mother’s Day Ad from Bonne Maman

bonne maman mother's day ad

This Sunday is Mother’s Day in France (Fête des Mères). Bonne Maman has a great advertisement in the métro. It’s simple and sweet – and a great idea for what to do with your empty jars of Bonne Maman!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Five Friday Finds from France. I’ll be back tomorrow with Weekend Links!

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  1. Love this but how do we find the handbags from Notre Dame? I don’t see them in their website. Do you know when they’ll be available?

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