Five Friday Finds from France: June 25th

summer chair in the tuileries five friday finds from france featuring best thermal water sprays and statue of liberty replicas in paris

It seems like almost overnight life in Paris went back to almost normal. No masks outdoors, no curfews, and everything reopening was an incredible change all at once. Every opportunity I have to sit at a café or restaurant feels like the biggest treat in the world and I can’t wait for more of you to experience it shortly. Temperatures cooled off this week which was also a welcome relief from the heat. This week’s Five Friday Finds from France includes some of the best thermal water sprays, Statue of Liberty replicas in Paris, an incredible French cookbook and more.

Les Cuisiniers de la République Française: Their Finest Recipes

french cookbook

The more time I spend in France the stronger my desire is to truly master the art of French cooking (à la Julia Child, of course). I’m always trying to find cookbooks to help with that goal. The merrier the more, because I think it’s especially interesting to compare different recipes for the same dish or sauce. I’m still working on the basics, but as my skills get more advanced Les Cuisiniers de la République Française: Their Finest Recipes will be a fabulous reference. The cookbook is a collection of some of the best recipes from chefs cooking at the highest institutions in France: think Élysée Palace, Hôtel Matignon and more.

Best Thermal Water Sprays for Paris Heatwave Relief

best french thermal water sprays

It feels a little silly talking about Paris heatwave relief now that it’s feels like fall in Paris, but I’m sure the warmer weather will be back sooner rather than later. I have a whole post on what to do during a heatwave in Paris (hint: find air-conditioning). One of the tips I included is putting thermal water in the refrigerator. Last week Monoprix took it a step further and sold it refrigerated. It’s a major game-changer for walking around in the heat when you just need a little spritz of relief. I use this Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water every morning and night before I put any products on my skin. Caudalie’s Grape Water is an especially good option to soothe, moisturize and tone skin. I have a small bottle that I carry around on warm days.

Mignardises Sucrées: Bite-Sized Desserts

small french desserts Mignardises Sucrées

One of my very favorite parts about having lunch in a French person’s home is there’s always dessert. It’s just a requirement. For me, it’s always an exciting opportunity to try something new whether it’s homemade or from their neighborhood spot. Something that Romain’s parents do that I especially enjoy is they get mignardises sucrées. It’s a platter with an assortment of mini pastries and is the absolute ideal way to have dessert. Everyone is happy: the person who just wants a bite of something, the person who only likes chocolate, and people like me that want to try everything. They’re also perfect for setting out at a party because they’re so easy to eat.

The Hardest to Find Statue of Liberty Replica in Paris

statue of liberty replica paris jardin du luxembourg

In honor of la petite soeur, the Statue of Liberty’s little sister, traveling from France to the US right now I wanted to visit the hardest to find Statue of Liberty in Paris in the Jardin du Luxembourg. There are eight replicas in Paris, and apparently this is the hardest one to find. Until recently I didn’t even know there was more than one replica here – it’s a fun thing to look for!

Former Butcher Shops in Paris

former butcher shop hooks paris

Another thing to keep your eye out for in Paris is hooks. When you see them on the exterior (or interior) of a building, normally one with an especially spectacular façade, chances are it was a former boucherie, or butcher shop. Le Pont Traversé was a butcher shop, then a bookstore, and is now a café. It’s interesting to track the evolution of places and another interesting detail to spot.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Five Friday Finds from France. I’ll be back tomorrow with Weekend Links!

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