Five Friday Finds from France: July 10th

Five Friday Finds from France Musée du Louvre with Unsolved Mysteries French episode and the best hot chicken sandwich in Paris

This week it’s felt like we’ve really turned a chapter in post-lockdown Paris. A major milestone occurred this week when the Musée du Louvre reopened. It’s also the first time that I’ve heard quite a bit of English and other languages while walking around since early March. On Sunday, I saw a lovely children’s art exhibit in front of Notre-Dame. Other finds from this week include probably the best Nashville-Style Hot Chicken sandwich in Paris, a Le Creuset white and gold color combination that I just have to have, and “the French episode” of Unsolved Mysteries.

The Reopening of Musée du Louvre

One of the first images of post-lockdown (but still restricted) Paris that I’ll remember forever is walking by the Louvre without people. In the middle of the afternoon. Multiple times.

Winged Victory

On Monday the Louvre reopened. I had to visit on the first day, and even waited in the line to take a masked-selfie with Mona Lisa. The Musée du Louvre can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a plan. I made my plan of what I for sure wanted to see broken down by wing and room…and still proceeded to get lost. Luckily they made the “museum is closing in 15 minutes” announcement and guards physically blocking anything that wasn’t the way to exit. I’ll share more from my first visit back soon!

A New Le Creuset White and Gold Combination

I’m a gold hardware kind of girl, so the new Le Creuset White with Gold knob collection speaks to me. Obviously it’s aesthetically pleasing, but if you’ve ever cooked with anything Le Creuset I’m sure you know there’s a difference. Things just taste better.

Le Creuset White and Gold collection

Anything Le Creuset is an investment for sure. I think it’s a good one because the items last forever if you take care of them and they’re really so versatile. The Le Creuset White and Gold collection is currently only available in the US, so I’ll have to wait to get my hands on them!

Unsolved Mysteries: The French Episode

Full disclosure: I started watching the original Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack on Lifetime when I was in kindergarten. I was kind of a bizarre child, but I’ve always loved a thriller and a dramatic re-enactment (and a Lifetime movie). So, when I heard there was a reboot on Netflix I watched right away. In an unexpected twist, the third episode is in French.

Unsolved Mysteries French episode

You just have to watch the “House of Terror” episode…it’s crazy and horrible. Now there are conspiracy theories all over Reddit and the internet about what happened to Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès. The episode is completely in French, so it’s the perfect way to get in some extra practice.

Art in Front of Notre-Dame

On Sunday, I got the closest I’ve been to Notre-Dame since the fire in April 2019. The wall to protect the restoration area currently displays a children’s art exhibit titled ““Draw Me Notre Dame: The Church You Know or the Church You Imagine.”

Notre Dame children's art exhibit
Children's art in front of Notre Dame

The Archdiocese of Paris received over 6,000 submissions from children around the world aged four to 16. 52 selected drawings are on display and they certainly brighten up the square in front of Notre-Dame.

The Best Hot Chicken Sandwich in Paris

Last but not least, there has to be a food discovery. When I first saw the Street Bangkok fried chicken sandwich I knew it looked pretty legit. I’ve actually never had Nashville-Style Hot Chicken before, but I’ve eaten enough fried chicken to go ahead and declare it the best in Paris.

The best hot chicken sandwich in Paris

Sometimes pictures of food on Instagram don’t live up to reality, but this sandwich did. The breading contains a mixture of forty spices…and it’s actually spicy, not just by French standards. The breading is super crispy and the chicken is incredibly moist. I had it with crinkle cut fries (the menu says curly) and they were some of the best I’ve ever had. While it’s definitely not an every day kind of meal…I’ll for sure be back.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Five Friday Finds from France and I’ll be back tomorrow with Weekend Links!

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