Emily in Paris vs. Paris with Landen

Emily in Paris vs. Paris with Landen parisian flower shop rue du bac

Francophiles everywhere are talking about Netflix’s new Emily in Paris series and everyone seems to have an opinion. I haven’t even finished the show yet, but it has made me think a lot about my move to Paris, my life in Paris, and of course what I share about my ‘Paris with Landen’ life on Instagram and here on my blog.

Emily in Paris

I was never expecting Emily in Paris to be a deep show about real life in Paris. I’ve looked forward to the show since Netflix announced it, and that’s because I love watching Paris on film.

Even though I’m fortunate enough to live here, I can never get enough of watching the city I love. The cinematography is fabulous. Although sometimes I wonder how they’re going from point A to point B to point C but then suddenly back to point A. But I have to let that go and realize I’m just being a little obsessive over the details.

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Emily’s outfits are unrealistic. No, I’ve never worn anything remotely like what I’ve seen (other than when her co-workers tell her to wear all black to meet a perspective client). But that’s what makes it fun to watch. I think about how much fun I had planning outfits for past trips to Paris. And of course, it’s still so fun and feels so chic to dress up for a special occasion in Paris.

There are relatable moments: the constant masculin vs. feminine battle, apartments without elevators, and fumbling over faux amis (words that look the same but don’t mean the same thing in French and English) to name a few.

Bottom line: if you’re missing Paris, watch Emily in Paris. There are plenty of things you can take issue with. I recommend just taking it for what it is.

Paris with Landen

Like me, Emily has an Instagram account where she shares snaps from her day in Paris. After reading thoughts on the show, a common thread was Emily in Paris is nothing like real life in Paris. Which made me think a bit about what I’m sharing on Paris with Landen.

From the beginning, my goal with Instagram was to show my daily life in Paris. 99% of the time my stories are photos from my day on that same day. Which means that some days are more interesting because I’m doing more things or have new things to show. Others probably feel repetitive and maybe even boring because I’m on my computer.

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Instagram is idealized often times just tiny moments of my life in Paris. And that has always been intentional. I’ve always wanted what I share to be an escape of sorts.

I think that’s why I’ve liked Emily in Paris, because it’s a getaway from real life in Paris in 2020. Honestly, as strange as anything in the show is seeing people walking around Paris without masks.

Emily in Paris vs. Paris with Landen

Emily in Paris is nothing like my life in Paris in most ways. But there are parallels between Emily in Paris and Paris with Landen. Paris with Landen is an idealized version of my life in the city, that for the most part skips over more than surface level difficulties. And there are plenty of difficulties, every single day.

ma bourgogne place des vosges

But with Paris as the background there’s always something inspiring, beautiful, historic, or delicious around the corner. And that’s what I like to share. If there’s ever anything you want to see more of (or less of), please don’t hesitate to let me know!

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