Confinement 2.0: Week One

Confinement 2.0 week one Parisian florist

I really thought I was done with the weekly confinement recaps for 2020, but here we are. It’s officially been a week since President Macron announced the reconfinement (second lockdown) due to the second wave of COVID-19. While there are many similarities to the first lockdown, round two is decidedly different. Let’s recap confinement 2.0, week one.

The First Confinement in France

For those who aren’t familiar, I spent the spring confinement in Normandy with Romain and family. It was a multigenerational experience and looking back on it I was probably the luckiest person in France. It forced me to improve my French, the weather was beautiful, we spent so many wonderful moments together around the table, and we had plenty of space to spread out.

purple door on Rue du Bac

When the confinement ended I really didn’t want to even come back to Paris. I got to experience not only life in the French countryside but also life five minutes from the beach. It kept me content, calm, and inspired during a very anxious, scary time in the world. You can read more about my confinement time in Normandy here.

Differences Between the Confinements

There are a few changes for confinement 2.0 both on a personal and national level. This time around schools, parks, and gardens remain open. You’re allowed to visit elderly family members either at their homes or in nursing homes. Essential shops (mostly ones that deal with repairs) can stay open. If working from home isn’t possible, you can go to work. Government offices are open. Restaurants are more prepared to offer delivery, to-go, and click and collect options. Perhaps the most exciting for me is that the marchés are open, which makes it so much easier to stay motivated to cook.

Rue Montalembert fall light

We still have to fill out an attestation (a form with all of our personal details including place of birth, date of birth, and address) whenever we leave home. We can still go outside for one hour a day and within one kilometer from home to get some fresh air or workout. Of course, we can go to the doctor and walk our dogs. It’s easy to fill out the attestation, but I’ve also gotten used to life without it. I’m working on remembering it every time, because if you’re caught without one it’s a 135€ fine.

Confinement 2.0: Week One

It’s different being in an apartment in the city instead of a house with a garden in the countryside, but I’m incredibly lucky to be next to a big park. For confinement 2.0 I know how important it is for me to have a little routine. My routine includes getting dressed every day, going outside to get fresh air, and taking time to set the table using beautiful objects for every meal. Although I must come clean…this time around we had pizza delivered on day two (we made it six weeks for the first round). But we did eat the pizza on pretty plates and not straight from the box…it’s the little things!

Confinement 2.0 week one swan in the Bois de Boulogne

Week one of confinement 2.0 was pretty uneventful. I had a few mandatory appointments so I was able to get out a little bit. Paris is quiet, but not nearly as empty as it appeared during the first lockdown. Much like during the springtime there are plenty of colors to take in everywhere you go. Holiday lights are popping up around the city too, which is a nice reminder that Christmas isn’t in fact cancelled. (I’ve also started listening to Christmas music because I see no reason to wait).

Confinement 2.0 week one has been calm so far. I’d love to be out and about living my normal life (or at least a version of it), but for now I’m appreciating the additional freedoms that we do have compared to round one.

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