Christmas in Paris: Diptyque Bazar

Diptyque Bazar candles

I coincidentally walked by Diptyque Bazar on the way home from my Palais Garnier last week. I honestly just expected it to be a regular Diptyque boutique and decided to pop in to do a little Christmas shopping. As it turns out, Diptyque Bazar isn’t a regular Diptyque boutique. I think it’s so much cooler, and it has an interesting link to the history of the brand.

Diptyque’s History

A group of three creatives founded Diptyque – British artist Desmond Knox-Leet, French interior designer Christiane Gautrot, and French theater craftsman Yves Coueslant. The first Diptyque boutique on Boulevard Saint-Germain was meant to be a place where the three could showcase their creations as well as items they brought back from their travels.

Knox-Leet began creating prints and fabrics, one of which featured an ancient Roman Prétorian shield, which eventually became the basis of the oval-shaped labels. Today, you’ll find some of Knox-Leet’s prints and fabric designs at the Diptyque Bazar store in the form of totes and notebooks.

Diptyque Bazar Prints
Objects and notebooks

Diptyque Bazar

Diptyque Bazar is a great spot to shop for a thoughtful gift for just about anyone on your list. It reminds me of a really unique shop at a small boutique hotel somewhere by the sea. You’ll feel like you stumbled upon a hidden treasure shop in Paris.

The store is mostly household items including textiles, tableware, and small objects. They have everything from hand-blown glasses, dishes, linen napkins, handmade ornaments, candles, candle holders, mirrors, lights made from vintage glass, pajamas, hand-painted egg music boxes, and more. I think it would be almost impossible not to find something you love. Everything is handmade, for the most part one-of-a-kind, and represents a symbol.

Diptyque Lights
Diptyque Bazar Ornament
Diptyque Boutique Paris Christmas Tree

Diptyque Bazar will be open through June 2020. Word on the street is afterwards they’ll move the concept into a permanent store. If you aren’t in Paris, you can still shop a lot of the items online. And even if you are in Paris, move quickly because items sell out quickly and are one-of-a-kind!

Diptyque Bazar Boutique – 16 Rue Saint Roch, 75001 Paris


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