A Weekend Reset in Carolles

hydrangeas in Normandy

We were lucky to sneak away to Normandy last week to avoid the heatwave in Paris. We were only in Paris for a week after a trip to the South, but I was already ready to leave again. The best part about coming to Normandy is how relaxing it is (and being à table), and a weekend reset in Carolles was just what I needed.

À Table in Normandy

We arrived on Thursday afternoon just in time for a (very) late lunch. There are so many things I love about being here but the meals are near the top of my list. Not only is the food always delicious, but I also love gathering around the table.

The first time I came to Carolles with Romain’s family I was nervous to do something wrong á table. With time I’ve realized that different doesn’t mean wrong and it’s not something worth having anxiety over.

à table normandy
normandy weekend trip with window boxes in Avranches

Romain decided yesterday was the time to call me out for spreading cheese around on my piece of bread. He said it wasn’t a tartine and it wasn’t meant to be spread, and the same applies for foie gras. I need to respect the shape of the cheese that the producer chose. We all laughed about it. I’ll play along with the bread and cheese rule for now, but maybe not forever.

A personal victory is I finally have no problem navigating how to eat all different kinds of seafood. This list includes different parts of the homard, including the body and roe, bulots, huîtres, mousette, and deboning fish.

A Relaxing Weekend Pace in Carolles

Aside from being à table, I really enjoy the mornings here. I’m an early riser, and although Dalton isn’t, he’s been a great co-pilot on our morning boulangerie runs. I know French people don’t usually travel for a croissant or pain au chocolat, but I think it’s worth the 30 minute round trip to have the best. And then of course there are actual runs to offset at least some of the butter and cream I’m consuming.

Normandy weekend Granville port
a weekend in Carolles hike view
a weekend in Carolles hike view
rocky beach in Carolles Normandy

On our first afternoon here Romain and I went on a post-lunch hike au bord de la mer, and although it was beautiful it was a little too sportif for my liking. I prefer the leisurely paced afternoons like we had yesterday with a trip to the hippodrome to watch horse races. I didn’t come out ahead, but it was really fun and different from what I normally do.

We were supposed to head back to Paris today but pushed the return back one day. An (extra long) weekend in Carolles and Normandy is the perfect way to reset.

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