Vintage French Christmas on La Porte Bonheur

Vintage French Christmas La Porte Bonheur

If you know me or even have just been following me on Instagram for a while I’m sure it’s pretty obvious that I’m a Christmas fanatic. I love everything about the season from the music to the foods, general cheer, gatherings, and of course the decor. Usually I wait until after Thanksgiving to start getting in the spirit, but not this year. I don’t want to delay the holiday cheer any longer. Which is why I’m so excited to share my vintage French Christmas collection on La Porte Bonheur. The collection includes a selection of vintage French Christmas ornaments, linens, and accessories.

In case you missed it, La Porte Bonheur is my online shop for French antiques. Most of the objects are things you’d use when entertaining, and I knew I wanted to include a holiday component. With COVID-19 and now the lockdown in France, shopping for vintage and antique holiday items has been a little difficult, which is why the collection is smaller.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite items from the Vintage French Christmas collection on La Porte Bonheur!

Vintage French Christmas Ornaments

The ornaments are without a doubt my favorite part of the holiday collection. The glass is really thick so they for the most part balance on their own, which makes them really versatile. Of course you could put them on a tree (they are heavy so make sure to pick a strong branch!), but you could also display them on side tables, on top of books, or in a centerpiece bowl. I especially love the heart ornaments because I think they would make such a thoughtful gift and can really be used year-round.

Vintage French Christmas Linens

I was really hoping to find some great Christmas glassware, but haven’t been able to so far. The next best thing is having some Christmas themed cocktail napkins to use. I think the Christmas Bird Linen Cocktail Napkins are so sweet. I also love the Red Linen Cocktail Napkins with Blue Flowers because I think they could also be used year-round.

Another favorite from the holiday linens are the Silver Embroidered Natural Napkins and Placemats. They go with just about anything holiday or otherwise, but the silver is such a fun and festive touch. The thread also feels like metal so it really adds texture to the table.

Vintage French Christmas Accessories

The Holly Leaf Crystal Knife Rests are a dynamic Christmas accessory because you can really use them all fall. Knife rests are traditionally used in-between courses so you don’t have to change or wash your cutlery. If you don’t want to use them for that purpose they’d also look pretty at each place setting or as a part of a center piece.

La Porte Bonheur Shipping

Worldwide shipping is available on La Porte Bonheur. I wish shipping from France to the US (and everywhere else around the world) was super easy and straightforward, but unfortunately it’s not. Shipping even the smallest, lightweight, non-breakable object from France to the US via UPS is around $50. I like working with UPS because for $10 more than La Poste it’s much more reliable and fast.

Set of two Antique French Ornaments
Champagne Colored Glass Crackle Ornament

Often times you can order multiple items and the shipping will still stay at or around $50, so that’s something to consider. Also, anytime you order anything fragile or breakable I take it to a professional packer to make sure it arrives to you in one piece.

With COVID-19 and the current lockdown in France shipping is a little delayed – but thanks to UPS not by a lot. You should still receive your items within the quoted 4-9 day period. If you have any shipping questions don’t hesitate to send me an email.

I hope you love the Vintage French Christmas collection on La Porte Bonheur!

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