French Advent Calendars Available Online 2022

French Advent Calendars Available online 2021

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is almost upon us. A few years ago I made a list of French Advent Calendars available online and have started updating it for 2022. Many of these calendars will sell out, so if you see something you like don’t hesitate to order it! When in Paris, two of my favorite places to shop for Advent Calendars are La Grande Épicerie and Galeries Lafayette Gourmet.

French Advent Calendars Available Online 2022

If you live in Europe, you can shop a large selection of Advent Calendars available at La Grande Épicerie online. For those who don’t live in Europe I wanted to include Advent Calendars that can be shipped almost anywhere!

Diptyque Advent Calendar 2022
diptyque advent calendar 2022

One of the most coveted French Advent Calendars year after year is from Diptyque. Diptyque’s 2022 Advent Calendar has a shimmering constellations theme. It’s on the pricier side, but the products featured are fabulous. Plus it’s a great way to test different scents before committing to larger formats!

L’Occitane Advent Calendar 2022
l'occitane premium advent calendar 2022
french advent calendars available online 2022 l'occitane classic

For beauty and skincare lovers the L’Occitane Advents Calendars are a must. There are two versions, a premium and a classic – and and all are filled with wonderful L’Occitane staples. The sizes of these products are perfect for travel too!

Le Chocolat des Français Advent Calendar 2022
le chocolat des francais advent calendar 2022

I must say, the 2022 Le Chocolat des Français Advent Calendar truly is perfect for a Francophile. You may have seen this whimsical chocolate brand around France before with their bright and playful packaging. The advent calendar is pure fun with it’s dream-like music theme. All of the chocolates are organic and there’s even descriptions on the back of the calendar so you’ll know exactly what you’re eating.

Guerlain Advent Calendar 2022
guerlain advent calendar 2022

Guerlain’s Advent Calendar is pretty spectacular. It’s filled with travel perfumes, candles, soaps, creams and more. It’s absolutely gorgeous and a very special calendar.

Maison Bossier Advent Calendar 2022
maison bossier advent calendar 2022

The packaging on this exclusive Masion Bossier Advent Calendar is perfection. The round shape is so unique. And the fact that it’s filled with sweet treats definitely doesn’t hurt either.

La Maison du Chocolat Advent Calendar 2022
la maison du chocolat advent calendar 2022

La Maison du Chocolat is a favorite French chocolate shop and I can promise you this will be one of the most delicious Advent Calendars of the year. It’s filled with handmade chocolates and treats each individually wrapped as gifts – straight from France!

Dammann Frères Advent Calendar 2022
damman freres advent calendar 2022

I love Advent Calendars with different teas so this advent calendar from Dammann Frères is high on my list. Dammann Frères is Romain’s favorite tea house so I might have to surprise him. You can order directly from the Dammann Frères website and they offer worldwide shipping.

Palais des Thés Advent Calendar 2022
palais des thes advent calendar 2022

Another tea related Advent Calendar is from Palais des Thés. As an added bonus, each window reveals an inspiring quote, which I think we could all use after this year. Palais des Thés uses natural cotton muslin tea bags that are all hand-sewn and don’t contain any plastic or staples so it’s also a great sustainable option!

Mariage Frères Advent Calendar 2022
mariage freres advent calendar 2022

The 2022 Mariage Frères advent calendar has a peace and love theme, perfect for a positive Christmas!

Christian Dior Trunk of Dreams Limited Edition Advent Calendar 2022
christian dior trunk of dreams advent calendar 2022

Dior isn’t joking when they describe this advent calendar as exceptional. Each Christian Dior Trunk of Dreams advent calendar is a wooden structure lined with cotton canvas and features sketches by Pietro Ruffo. Each limited edition calendar is numbered and features objects for the interior. You can read on to see exactly what is included, or let yourself be surprised!

Chapon Chocolate Advent Calendar 2022
chapon advent calendar 2022

One of my go-to chocolate shops on Rue du Bac is Chapon (you can see my Christmas in Paris inspired Rue du Bac gift guide here). I love everything from their bright, whimsical packaging on their chocolate bars to, of course, the chocolate mousse bar which blends Pierre Chapon’s love for chocolate and talents as an ice cream maker. I know each of the 24 days on the Chapon Advent Calendar will be absolutely delicious.

Kusmi Tea Advent Calendar 2022
kusmi tea advent calendar 2022

Kusmi Tea is my personal favorite Parisian tea house (I love the Rose Green Tea and the BB Detox). Also, Kusmi teas are all organic and I love that their advent calendar also contains loose-leaf miniatures and accessories as well as the classic sachets. I’m so looking forward to the Kusmi Tea Advent Calendar!

Michel Cluizel Advent Calendar 2022
michel cluizel advent calendar 2022

If you’re a chocolate lover, the Michel Cluizel Advent Calendar is a must. Cluizel is known as the “goldsmith of chocolate,” which you will surely discover as you work your way through the calendar. It’s filled with exceptional dark, milk and white chocolates – this is truly a special calendar for a chocolate connoisseur.

Dior Beauty Advent Calendar 2022
dior beauty advent calendar 2022

It’s definitely a splurge, but the Dior Beauty Advent Calendar is just gorgeous. The box features the store on 30 Avenue Montaigne surrounded by whimsical holiday decor. Each day you’ll open up a surprise from Dior including fragrance, makeup, and skincare products.

La Mer Advent Calendar 2022
la mer advent calendar 2022

Skincare fanatics worldwide know about La Mer. La Mer’s 2022 Advent Calendar promises twelve days of transformation and would be a great way to try their Miracle Broth-infused™ product line.

Angelina Advent Calendar 2022
angelina advent calendar 2022

The 2022 Angelina Advent Calendar is kind of a crown jewel as far as French Advent Calendars go. You have to be quick to get your hands on one of these, but if you do it’s so worth it.

Bonne Maman Advent Calendar 2022
bonne maman advent calendar 2022

The Bonne Maman Advent Calendar is a must-have French Advent Calendar. This year some of the holiday exclusive flavors include raspberry with rose, cherry with hibiscus flower, and peach with jasmine among others. Bonne Maman fruit spreads and honey are always delicious and would be a wonderful complement to a tea Advent Calendar for a perfectly French morning. It’s currently available here.

Fauchon Advent Calendar 2022
fauchon advent calendar 2022

Another calendar to add to the list is Fauchon. The 2022 Fauchon Advent Calendar is filled with chocolates and sweets! This year it is available outside of Europe for the first time!

Ladurée Advent Calendar 2022
laduree advent calendar 2022

The Laudrée Advent Calendar is one of the most coveted calendars for Francophiles, year after year. It always sells out so right now is a great chance to pre-order! (Note, it is already sold out at one major retailer so if you want to order it I would say it’s now or never!)

I hope you enjoyed this list of French Advent Calendars that are available online in 2022. I’d love to hear which ones are at the top of your list.

This post includes affiliate links. I make a small commission from items purchased through my links at no additional cost to you. Merci for your support! 


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