French Advent Calendars Available Online 2020

French Advent Calendars Available online 2020

Christmas seems to be on hold at the moment in France because of the lockdown. Lights are up but not turned on. Windows are decorated but stores are closed. It’s a little bizarre, but it’s 2020. Luckily, La Grande Épicerie is considered to be an essential store and it is filled with all sorts of French Advent Calendars, many of which are available online. I know this is a little bit early…but Advent Calendars require a little bit of advance thinking so you’re ready to go on December 1st (which I’m usually not).

Part of me wanted to buy two Advent Calendars this year: one for the confinement and another for actual Advent. Advent Calendars seem to be a very major holiday tradition in France as they’re everywhere and so many brands participate (this Diptyque Advent Calendar would be such a dream…one day).

French Advent Calendars Available Online 2020

If you live in Europe, you can shop a large selection of Advent Calendars available at La Grande Épicerie online. For those who don’t live in Europe I wanted to include Advent Calendars that can be shipped almost anywhere!

Dammann Frères Advent Calendar 2020
Dammann Fréres Advent Calendar 2020

I love Advent Calendars with different teas so this advent calendar from Dammann Frères is high on my list. Dammann Frères is Romain’s favorite tea house so I might have to surprise him. You can order directly from the Dammann Frères website and they offer worldwide shipping.

Palais des Thés Advent Calendar 2020
Palais de Thés 2020

Another tea related Advent Calendar is from Palais des Thés. As an added bonus, each window reveals an inspiring quote, which I think we could all use after this year. Palais des Thés uses natural cotton muslin tea bags that are all hand-sewn and don’t contain any plastic or staples so it’s also a great sustainable option!

Chapon Chocolate Advent Calendar 2020
Chapon Advent Calendar 2020

One of my go-to chocolate shops on Rue du Bac is Chapon (you can see my Christmas in Paris inspired Rue du Bac gift guide here). I love everything from their bright, whimsical packaging on their chocolate bars to, of course, the chocolate mousse bar which blends Pierre Chapon’s love for chocolate and talents as an ice cream maker. I know each of the 24 days on the Chapon Advent Calendar will be absolutely delicious.

Kusmi Tea Advent Calendar 2020
French Advent Calendars Available Online 2020 Kusmi Tea

Kusmi Tea is my personal favorite Parisian tea house (I love the Rose Green Tea and the BB Detox). Kusmi teas are all organic and I love that their advent calendar also contains loose-leaf miniatures and accessories as well as the classic sachets. I’m so looking forward to the Kusmi Tea Advent Calendar!

Angelina Advent Calendar 2020
Angelina Advent Calendar 2020

The Angelina Advent Calendar is kind of a crown jewel as far as French Advent Calendars go. You have to be quick to get your hands on one of these, but if you do it’s so worth it. They’re currently unavailable at Neiman Marcus, but keep your eyes open and you might be able to snag one!

Bonne Maman Advent Calendar 2020
French Advent Calendars Available online 2020 Bonne Maman

The Bonne Maman Advent Calendar is a must-have French Advent Calendar. Bonne Maman fruit spreads and honey are always delicious and would be a wonderful complement to a tea Advent Calendar for a perfectly French morning. It’s currently sold out on the Bonne Maman website, but it is available on World Market or on Amazon.

Mariage Frères Noël Glamour Advent Calendar 2020
Mariage Frères Noël Glamour Advent Calendar 2020

Mariage Frères might be the most iconic French tea house and their Noël Glamour Advent Calendar is always a favorite. The packaging is beautiful and substantial and the teas are all heavenly. You can order it online here.

Fauchon Advent Calendar 2020
fauchon advent calendar 2020

Another calendar to add to the list is Fauchon. The 2020 Fauchon Advent Calendar is filled with chocolates and sweets! It was available at Neiman Marcus but quickly sold out. Definitely worth watching for a re-stock!

Ladurée Advent Calendar 2020
Ladurée advent calendar 2020

The Ladurée Advent Calendar sold out practically as soon as it arrived. Keep your eyes open for a restock!

I hope you enjoyed this list of French Advent Calendars that are available online in 2020. I’d love to hear which ones are at the top of your list.

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